REVIEW on Call Girl Neha From Turbhe

REVIEW on Call Girl Neha From Turbhe

After seeing her in lodge I made my mind to fuck her no matter what reached there after couple of days and she did recognize me saying aap wo hi ho na jo us din uss ladki ke saath aaye the.

Ac room was booked, Inside the room I complimented her that you look great in punjabi suite she started jiggling. Fast forward she turned off the lights and I got naked completely. I turned on the lights and was giving her salute through my dick. She was like itne bhi besharam mat bano. Went to washroom and cleaned my self kept the lights on of Washroom and kept the room lights off. She was wearing sexy red bra couldn’t see the color of her panty as she covered herself in Towel.

Little chit chat she was more interested in my love life. After some time I started moving my hands on her thighs could feel the thigh to be tight. Went near her and locked my lips with her, she had this huge lips which was nice in sucking. Didn’t allowed DFK for more than 2 mins. Removed her bra and started sucking her tight boobs with erect nipples. Started moving my hands on her ass and pussy could feel all the tight muscle. Started fingering she had quiet a bush down there but the pussy was warm. She started licking my body and went down there and started a BBBJ felt like I was fucking a pussy bareback warm and wet. BBBJ was short lived and she put the condom on and started humping in WOT went on like a min and asked me to sit. Started licking my ears while humping. then she fell down on bed without removing my dick and asked me to do missi fucked her for sometime and came.

Went to wash room washed myself. After that bitch was boring me with her love life lavda lasun.

Started 2nd session with grabbing her head and making her do BBBJ for good 5 mins lot of saliva on my dick. Bite her on her boobs while fingering her. Was trying to find condom in dark but was unable to she was like go bareback, I was about to but cam back to my sense and found the condom. Started doggy hold her hair tight and started banging that tight ass spanked twice. After 5mins she stood up and asked me to bite her neck while fucking did so. She grabbed my hands and started pressing her boobs. Bitch bite my hand very hard while cumming. Mera baburao so gaya. She was like give me a moment. Asked her to jack me off as she was in no mood to get fucked cummed on her boobs and face washed myself and left.

Fucked her couple of times more after that rest of the experiences were great. As I got to know her better.

Name: Neha
Age: 21+
City: Mumbai
Location: Turbhe
Code: 1174

Charges: 1500 for 2 shot 500 for hotel.
Face: 9/10
Body: 9/10
Pussy: 7/10
Boobs: 8/10
DFK: 7/10
BBBJ: 8/10
Service: 8/10

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