REVIEW on Escort Ayesha from Wadala

REVIEW on Escort Ayesha rom Wadala

Asked for her photos and she sent me this booked her and reached her place. Looking at her she was looking like young chick of 20s which was on my mind and she matched it completely so I was happy. Gave her the money, Girl offered me water and in return I gave her dairy milk she said thanks. I told her she was looking hot in pics and she said aur real me aisa bolte hi she pounced on me kissing like mad even I got in the act and started kissing her wildly biting her on neck pressing her boob’s hard and was pressing her ass tightly she wasn’t wearing panties and that was making me eager to make her naked as it meant she has come to get fucked only.

Told her to remove her clothes and I removed mine as well pulled her again near me and started kissing her wildly my dick was rock solid by this time I asked her to put condom and come over me. Didn’t ask for BBBJ as my rule is simple if a girl is good in BBBJ she will definitely do it upfront so didn’t wanted to spoil my mood and went directly to the deed. Asked her to come over me & oh god heaven her highlighted hair her face her slim body and boob’s were making me crazy she was a sexy bitch caught today, not great riding skills but I was giving my experienced shot turned her in missionary and started pounding hard her pussy was feeling like as if some one has caught my dick with fist and was continuously fucking her for 20 mins and came.

Disappointed condom broke as it was obvious her pussy was very tight exploded huge in her. After some chit chat started 2nd round. This time told her will do doggystyle she agreed. And she bent down infront of me showing me her ass, I adjusted my dick she said aram se karna tight hai mai bola aram ki Maa ki chut and started banging her hard she was actually feeling pain and could clearly see that from her catching blankets. But my dick was very hard and I kept thrusting her then asked to came on WOT oh god she was looking very amazing and It brought out the beast in me and my entire body blood reached my dick nerves turned her and started fucking her hard and ultimately came. I could actually feel my dick was hitting her hard.

Name: Ayesha
Age: 21+
City: Mumbai
Location: Wadala
Code: 52608

Charges: 3000 for 2 shots with Place.
Face: 8/10
Body: 9/10
Pussy: 10/10
Boobs: 7/10
DFK: 10/10
BBBJ: 0/10
Service: 8/10

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