REVIEW on Call Girl Falak From Vashi

REVIEW on Call Girl Falak From Vashi

So finally my time had come to meet her after waiting for so long. I was planning to meet her on a Sunday. Messaged her on Thursday and we had a normal decent conversation. She quoted 25k but managed to bring her to 20k for 2 shots 2 hours. Told her I will confirm about hotel by Friday evening. Friday she messaged in afternoon to confirm the meeting. Told her to meet at 9pm at hotel.

Now comes the SEX-day, She is punctual she reached at 9 and I was late by 10 mins. She didnt say anything and told at the reception also that my partner is on his way he has the booking details. When i reached they said 3.5 plus tax, I was ok with that. While taking the key the person said sir and mam your breakfast is complimentary (Falak started smiling and told me will you perform with me till morning )

We entered the room, I would suggest to avoid this hotel as it has a super small room. She came and said let me finally hug you darling. Felt her boobs so soft pressed to my chest, Then we sat on the bed. She said do you smoke? I said yes. Then next question do you like kissing. I said obviously and she held my head and started a super long DFK. I would say she is an amazing kisser. She doesn’t let u breathe. Full nichod deti hai, It went on for 20 mins (I saw the time also). Then she could feel my dick waiting for her desperately. She said let me help you open your shirt. She opened my jeans shirt and she removed her top. She told me darling can you help me remove my bra. I pulled her towards me to lick her neck and opened her hook with single hand and she was like dude you did it with one hand. I pressed her to the wall and took her off her feets to get the same height while kissing. She licked my ears like anything, Mind you she loves kissing a lot. I was teasing her while kissing so started bitting my chest and neck (got 3-4 marks). I threw her on bed and jumped on her to suck her breast and finger her pussy. She got wild to that, I inserted 1 finger then after a moment entered my other finger which made her scream and i had to shut her mouth with my lips. Her boobs are so firm and soft and she smells so nice.While kissing I licked her lips and tongue so hard she whispered in my ears dude I need your cock to fuck me.

I said babe lick it first, She pulled me to the wall went to her feet (similar way which happens in porn) And gave an awesome BBBJ for 10 mins. I held her head and was banging to my cock and in between pulled my cock out to lick her lips again. Licked her face and all the saliva was on her face. She made my dick wear protection to bang her in missionary to which I came. Then she went for shower and came out in a sexy black lingerie. We ordered food and juices, She took a sip and made me drink through her mouth, Fuck she is classy man.

Then it was 11, She said lets go and I was like dude our 2 round is pending. She is like i come for only 2 hours but i dont wanna spoil ur mood (as she saw my bunty saluting her). She came to me and started licking my neck ears shoulder face. I got so wild had to pull her up and making her stand facing the wall licked her back and bite her back. Moved up near my ears tilt her head back to lock lips with her and pressing her boobs. Made my dick feel her ass, Then made her face me and again a deep intense wild smooch for 10 mins. She pushed me to the bed to lick my cock. Gote bhi nahi chode, Then she came on top of me to lick my nipples. Then turned her and went down to lick her pussy. Did it for nice 15 mins, She was like dude I am already wet please stop, And i didnt, I did and did very wild. Then she pulled me in between to kiss me and did WOT. While performing she kissed me and licked my nipples. I came early this time but she was still bouncing and after a while I cum again.

Then after the deed she just layed next to me. She was looking like Dani Daniels. While wearing clothes she told me dude I will have to pay you next time to meet me to lick my pussy . I again made her stop to lick for 5 mins. She said dude promise to meet me soon. I need you badly. Next day got a message she said I am missing your tongue and you are the best kisser I’ve met till date.
Bhai log I would suggest, Paise bachao, And meet her, She is worth every single hard earned rupee.

Name: Falak
Age: 25+
City: Mumbai
Location: Vashi
Code: 51130

Charges: 20000 for 2 shots 3500 for Hotel.
Face: 10/10
Body: 10/10
Pussy: 10/10
Boobs: 10/10
DFK: 10/10
BBBJ: 10/10
Service: 10/10

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