REVIEW on Escort Naina From Andheri (ANAL)

REVIEW on Escort Naina From Andheri (ANAL)

REVIEW on Escort Naina From Andheri (ANAL)

I was on a 2 day trip to Mumbai. On the first day I was very desperate to bang someone, I had booked a hotel in central area. chatting with 3-4 girls. I had got what i was looking forward to “anal banging”. Naina had agreed for anal sex, she quoted me 6k initially for 2 shots but with lots of bargain we agreed for 4K for 2 sessions.

Naina is a MILF about 35years old with small and tight boobs. And a very slim trim body. Her face is not so attractive but her body is really great in shape. She was late by 30 mins, she had trouble finding the hotel. She was very respectful in nature, greeted me very well. First by seeing her face i got turnoff, I thought there was no option now lets give her a try. We started cuddling and i started removing her clothes.

She started with a brilliant BBJ she was very great at that. I couldnt resist and pushed her down to missionary position and without wasting anytime I just smashed my dick deep inside her I fucked her for about 10 min. I was almost near climax so I told her to change position and turn around to doggie so that I could fuck her ASS. She insisted that she is not into anal much so be gentle. I wore a condom meanwhile she took a lotion cream and applied around and inside her anus. She sucked me again and made me rock hard. Her anus was not so hard to get inside. First i stared slowly and then couldnt control my beast, And started banging her harder. She was moaning a lot.I was almost done with my first shot but she was not in mood to let me get away. She still forced me to push harder even after i had ejected.

We took a small break,Had some chit chat while smoking. Round 2 started with an amazing BBBJ again she sucked nonstop for almost 15min!!!She is a pro in sucking, From dick tips to rimming licks she was great. I was again ready for sex. Again started with a anal session, Then we did 3-4 positions. WOT was also a great experience from her. She is very active and has lots of energy in her, She is in no mood of hurring up. After session she was not eager for money. She was calm and had some rest and had again a good chit chat. She stayed for about 2.5hr, Must try for ANAL and BBBJ

Name: Naina
Age: 35+
City: Mumbai
Location: Andheri
Code: 808

Charges: 4000 for 2 shots with ANAL 1000 for Hotel.
Face: 6/10
Body: 5/10
Pussy: 8/10
Boobs: 5/10
DFK: 7/10
BBBJ: 10/10
Service: 10/10

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