REVIEW on Pragati From Yeda Spa Malabar Hill

REVIEW on Pragati From Yeda Spa Malabar Hill

On Sunday Morning , I was searching for someone to have a quicky. Tried calling Prabha but she lives far away, I wanted something nearby South Mumbai. I remembered Yeda Spa from the sheet, so thought of trying it out. I called them and booked appointment for around afternoon with no one specific since it was “yet to explore place”. I reached late by 1 hour but receptionist and manager both were nice persons they booked the therapy room right away and asked me to wait in the room also provided little discount from earlier agreed 1.5k.

I entered the room , It was well maintained with very nice aroma and soothing music. I changed my clothes as per their instructions. Single use undergarments they provided was very thin. I waited around 4-5 mins and heard knock on the door. She came in and started introducing herself as Pragati. I was unable to have a better look at her because of the dim lights. She was looking really tight at the first sight. She told me the basic package and right there itself I asked her if she could upgrade my package without informing outside. She agreed. She started with softcore massage and then started giving more pressure. Slowly she reached to my thighs, her hands were doing magic. She was reaching closer to my Dick, It made me erect. She observed and smiled, said it’s normal. Then we started conversation, she asked if I want anything extra. I asked for the charges, at first she said 5k for everything. We negotiated and agreed on 2k for one.

Then the actual scene started. Because of the oils, she said she would remove her clothes first. She started removing them one by one, I was observing her. She is very tight around 23-25 years of age. Nice medium size tight boobs. Average round back. She was not very fair in complexion but lookswise she was good. As soon as she removed her clothes come towards me and started with DFK. She was a real pro. In between the DFK she teared that thin underwear. I found it really wild and soon got erected. With DFK she was giving handjob. After some 5 mins she asked me to lay down on the same table and she came on top of me. She started kissing me everywhere on my body. I was laying down and enjoying.

After some foreplay she opened condom and we started with woman on top position, I always loved this position. She started humping wildly right away. It was very very hot to handle. She was continuously jumping for around 6-7 mins. After that I was unable to control and cummed real hard.

She asked if I want to have shower with her. We went to have shower where she pampered me. In shower, I asked her for personal number. She hesitated saying her brother checks her mobile very frequently. She asked to contact the receptionist whenever want to come and ask for her. I agreed. Then after coming from shower she left the room again with small DFK.

Maybe after few more meetings she would agree for the personal number and then we can meet her without additional desk payment at reception.

Name: Pragati
Age: 23+
City: Mumbai
Location: Yeda Spa Malabar Hill
Code: 256

Charges: 1200 for counter and 2000 for sex
Face: 8/10 Very Young and Fresh
Body: 9/10 Tight
Pussy: 9/10 Tight
Boobs: 9/10 Big
DFK: 10/10
BBBJ: 0/10
Service:7/10 Excellent.

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