REVIEW on Escort Sandhya From Mira Road

REVIEW on Escort Sandhya From Mira Road

Keeping it very short and to the point. Met her few days back baat kiya and said all the ref. She said everything about skin tone height what service and where. So ye Saab toh pata tha 😅. Mera main tha koi pas wali jo massage bhi deti ho amd I wanted to meet a 6ft girl as told by her.

So main gaya and she told me the directions. Waited for like 10 mins she told sidha ayegi. Met her so I was mentally prepared reading most of fr 😅. So look wise actually looks pretty old but they generally look a little older as unka face waisa rehta hai. Height waise 6ft nai hai hills pehne ke baad she becomes a inch taller than Jo Max 5’10 hoga woh nikalne par mere SE Kam toh woh thoda misleading laga. Avg girls ke hight SE jyada hai par not 6ft. Figure normal milf types.

Now service wise first session was okay the best part was the BBJ that I had after so long so good one. Baadme the session was okayish but not bad. Then she told to lay on the back and started with the massage. I enjoyed it very good one baate bhi acha khasa karti hai could be a good sales person. Was telling me the benefits of massage and was doing a b2b one maza aya. Then at last she did a ended with a cim.

Massage wise I liked her session could have been better. But I think if I revisit it would be better. To those who have priority of looks it’s a big no for them as she might not be that pleasing people who have more pro massage might have different experience but I liked the massage.
Overall jise age n looks SE pharak nai padta main is the service for them she is good

Overall 5k for 2
She was not negotiating to below price

Name: Sandhya
Age: 45+
City: Mumbai
Location: Mira Road
Code: 1157

Charges: 5000 for 2 shot 1000 for hotel.
Face: 4/10
Body: 7/10
Pussy: 5/10
Boobs: 5/10
DFK: 0/10
BBBJ: 9/10
Service: 7/10

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