REVIEW on Escort Arti from Gaurav Mumbra

REVIEW on Escort Arti from Gaurav Mumbra

I contacted Gaurav for Saili but apart from Arti no-one else was available. He sent me the pics and told me naya maal aaya hain I said she is out of my budget I cant have her. He told budget is not an issue you just come here we will work out something. I straight away told him I can pay the regular rate nothing more than that. He said dekhlete hain aap aa jao pehele.

Reached his place in afternoon the girl had just finished her lunch and was chilling around. First look at her she was 60% of the pics or the pics were way too old. And I also felt like I’ve seen this girl somewhere, I said to Gaurav koi aur hain toh bula lo he said abhi toh ye he available hain. I agreed for her.

A room was allotted to us she entered the room and the first question she asked have we met somewhere, I said the feeling is mutual. Then I asked her whether she goes to any clubs and turns out we have met sometime back in Vortex club through mutual friend. I didn’t even spoke for 2 mins she jumped on me and removed my clothes. She was faster then me I’ve to give the girl a new record. I asked her whether I should wash my dick she said no to that and removed her clothes as well. Asked me to lie down on the bed and started DFK, it was not even done for a minute then she moved to licking my nipples and within a heartbeat I could sense my dick getting wet by her saliva. BBBJ was good for 5 mins but she was making weird faces while doing so. After that slipped the condom on and started fucking her in missionary for 5 mins and before I could change the position I cummed.

Washed myself and rested for 20 mins talking stuff.

After that she again started doing BBBJ while making weird faces. This went on for 5 more mins. Slipped the condom on and I started thrusting her in missi. Did so for 5 mins and then changed to WOT did so for 2 mins and changed to Doggy banged for 5 more mins and I cummed.

Washed myself and left.
All in All I can say the service was rushed kab shru hoke khatam ho gaya malum hi nahi pada.

Name: Arti From Gaurav
Age: 24+
City: Mumbai
Location: Mumbra
Code: 257

Charges: 4000 for 2 shots with place(Gaurav asked for 6000)
Face: 7/10 Not matching the pics sent
Body: 7/10 Fair but loose
Pussy: 7/10 Ok
Boobs: 7/10 Big but loose
DFK: 8/10
BBBJ: 8/10
Service: 6/10 Average.

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