Shemales at Mankhurd Highway Redlight Area Mumbai

Hi Fellas,

In this post I am gonna tell you guys all about these Shemales at Mankhurd highway(Vashi-Panvle Highway), Redlight area in Mumbai, Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife.

Who are they?

So these are the guys who have transformed themselves into women, okay not a whole women technically but they look like a women, sometimes hotter then a women. In India they are know as the people from both the worlds(Hijra, Kinner). Some worship them some hate them. Most of the time Transgenders do not get jobs as society does not accepts them, so they have to get down to prostitution to earn themselves some bread. (Even though the government has done a lot of stuff for them Transgender status is legal in India, but the people still look down on them.)

Where can you find them?

Well the current video was captured at Sion-Panvel highway(Vashi-Mankhurd) just a little ahead of Maharashtra Nagar Bus stop. They are available after the sundown say from 7PM till midnight. Keep going towards Vashi side and you will see them standing on the left side of the road near the bushes.

How much do they charge?

So the standard rate is 200/- INR short term however you can negotiate and bring the rate down if they find you hot, you can have them for free. For longer term they charge 1000/- INR and higher you have to take them to hotels for longer term. Taking a transsexual to hotel/lodge is hard task in India. For shorter time they would take you to the bushes on the highway, they also carry a condom with them.

How are they?

Most of them are PRE-OP Trans with hormonal boobs and active dick. They look really HOT, with revealing clothes and feminine figure you really need to fight with yourselves to not to go with them. Some of them are just cross-dressers with women clothes, lot of makeup & padded bras. You really need to be careful with them some of them are known to rob people off their stuff. You read this kind of stuff in newspapers once in a while. When you are visiting them never ever carry excess money and never carry valuable things. I once heard a rumor a persons mobile was stolen after he visited them and when he blamed them he was beaten by 4 of them. They mostly don’t show respect after you pay them, and most of the times you pay them before you start.


So that’s it about Mumbai Shemales. let us know in the comments below if anyone had any kind of experience with these hookers.

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I like Exploring all the redlight areas.

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  1. Damn, I travel through this route everyday i see them everyday. Most of them are really hot they show a lot of cleavage. I once saw a Shemale with the resemblance of a women wit big boobs and skirt her legs were shiny. I couldn’t stop parked my bike and went straight to her asked her price she said 200 and took me to the bushes. She asked for money and I paid her. She said to drop my pants but I bent down and started sucking her legs it was smooth and tasted good she was shocked I could see the temptation on her face as she was getting hotter as I was sucking her legs. after like 2 mins she pulled me up and started doing s dfk. It was the best DFK till date I ever had. Then she dropped my pants rolled a condom and started deep throating. I was on on cloud 9 it feld good. After some 3 mins as I was to come I stopped her pulled her up pulled her boobs out and started sucking.
    she was moaning hard. after some 5 mins she dropped her pants and bent over to let me fuck. Her hole was too tight still it went in and after 2 mins I cummed. overall it was an heavenly experience. Took her number and took her to a dadar lodge couple of times after that she left the city and never heard from her again. Most of these shemales come from Kurla.


  2. get down at mankhurd satation from the tarin and walk towards sion – panvel higahwy the cross the highway now turn towards vashi and walk for 5 minuts on your left side you will find bushes that is the spot ! on opp. side road of highway there is TATA POWER factory

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