Review on Kavya Call Girl From Vasai

REVIEW on Kavya Call Girl From Vasai

Had been following her for around 15 days, one thing you have to be very patient with Kavya, She doesn’t reply quickly, you have to be persistent in order to meet her. After constant messaging she replied, and agreed to meet at Vasai on Monday. Asked me to check in, and she will reach room by 01:00 pm, since it was lunch time, we had agreed to have lunch together. She reached room at exactly 01:00 pm very punctual.

Knocked at door, opened to see a fair skinned lady, 5 ft 4 in in sleeveless blue salwar and blue jeans. First look, she like a strict teacher, one that, squeeze your ears whenever she sees you talking. Ordered food of her choice, she went for bath meanwhile. 15 mins later, she comes out of bathroom, wrapped just in towel. She sat beside me on bed.
Mera wahi khada ho gaya..
Slid my hand around her waist, kissed her shoulder, the aroma of the Shampoo.. ahh!! Arousing and calming at same time. Licked her wet back a bit, while simultaneously pressing her boobs. She held my hand, said :” abhi Bhuk nahi lagi??”
I smiled said : ” ha, bus starters try kar raha tha..!!”

Few mins , lunch arrived!! Was hungry, finished off the lunch quickly. Once done, offered Sonam Listerine.
K : kiss karne wale ho mujhe
I : of course.

Both gargled Listerine. She asked to turn down lights and close curtains. And stop staring at her, she felt bit shy, since it was doing it after long time. Asked me to lay on bed, and she came towards me. Started with DFK, with proper lip biting and tongue play. Soon she slid down to kissing my neck, then unbuttoning my shirt, body kissing. Then she pulled down my shorts and undies. Before giving BJ, she asked with or without condom. I said whatever you are comfortable with.
S: ” first time condi k saath karti hu, bahot dino baad hai na!!”
Her BJ skills are good. Uses complete mouth, and takes it completely deep.Once erect she offered to ride me. She does get involved while having sex. Awesome ridding and superb moaning,( music to ears). WOT was accompanied with, usual DFK, pressed her boobs and sucked them raw. Later, whispered in her ear, position change karte hai, removed her hair clip, and flipped her down. Fucked her with her legs over my shoulder. Would ask her, is the trust ok, or you want more. She would reply with Slow karo, jara, thoda aur jor se. My trusting would change accordingly.Her pussy, was dripping wet and my back was hurting. My nawab, showed no signs of backing down.

K: kya hua koi goli khaye ho kya!!
I ; nahi.. mujhe allergy hoti hai.. bata nahi aaj kya hua hai!!

We decided to rest, for some time, with cuddling in blanket, some neck kisses in between. 15 mins later, I requested her to give BBJ. She removed old condi and gave BJ. Reached heaven, moaned her name!! Kajalji…!! ( Sanskar…!! She is elder to me by 4 yrs😂) Held her head, yet no sign of cumming, hard erection. Asked her to lay, down, saying let me return back the favor, started kissing her body top to bottom.. tounged her navel, then went in for DATY. Using technique recommend by Admin. Thank you bro..!! She moaned a lot, hoped her moaning will make me cum.. yet no effect. Slipped in a condom, and asked her to ride me again. She rode me for some 15 mins with, ass spanking. Yet nothing, made me a lot worried.

She rested aside me, saying her legs are paining. Stroked myself for sometime. Horror story, no signs of Cumming. She went in for bath, I knocked the door asking if I can come in..
K: door, Jan kar lock nahi kiya hai..

Went inside, took shower with her, some cuddling and neck kisses, and one passionate DFK. BUT that only made my dick more hard. Soaped each other. Dried each other.
Came out.
Me : abhi 15 min hai, kya kare…
K : so jate hai, thak gayi, mai.. tum kya negro ho kya!! 😂😂
Me : aaj, kaunsi aatma chad gayi mujh me..

Cuddled and slept for 15 mins. Later paid her money, and check out of hotel. My back and knee paining.

Name: Kavya
Age: 32+
City: Mumbai
Location: Vasi
Code: 1131

Charges: 4000 for 2 shot 1500 for hotel.
Face: 8/10
Body: 7/10
Pussy: 8/10
Boobs: 9/10
DFK: 9/10
BBBJ: 8/10
Service: 8/10

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