REVIEW on Escort Anita From Suresh Vashi

REVIEW on Escort Anita From Suresh Vashi

Contacted Suresh, he sent a few photos, decided on Anita. Came to the hotel, she was already there! She is not fair (contrary to her photo), short, with big boobs!

Washed myself, she started with arrey this is late, I have to leave in half an hour, blah blah. So started with kissing, she doesn’t do dfk, has big boobs (34 C ish), after 5-7 mins of her hands hovering me, she started touching down there.

And after a close examination declared that she doesn’t wish to give me bbbj as she feels there is a pimple and she could get an infection (PIMPLE SE INFECTION!) And then she was like aap condom lgao, I won’t disappoint
I was heartbroken, but then was like, okay, lets go on

She was true to her words though, real good skills over the condom, after 15 mins of good head with me drilling her deep, she was like, let me come on top! We started with WOT and after 5 mins was like, its paining a lot, bada hai (lavda lahsun), and then changed to missionary, her boobs are real soft to press, was enjoying them throughout, was done in 10 mins

We took a break and then she was like jldi krte hain and shit!

So we started the second round in the same sequence, she gave me a good head (if only it was a bbbj), and then started with WOT, after 5-7 mins, she started with the same, paining and then she was like go on
We changed to doggy, she has a cute small ass, grabbed and fucked her for 10 mins and then we were done!

Name: Anita
Age: 24+
City: Mumbai
Location: Vashi
Code: 1459

Charges: 3600 for 2 shot with place.
Face: 6/10
Body: 8/10
Pussy: 8/10
Boobs: 10/10
DFK: 0/10
BBBJ: 7/10
Service: 8/10

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