REVIEW on Escort Puja From Virar

REVIEW on Escort Puja From Virar

So had fucked this rand few days back like a beast and my Lund was getting erect thinking abt her told her am coming to fuck you like a rand again she was like come. Told her saree pehen ke rakhna mujhe tujhe saree me pelna hai she said Acha pehen lungi Aa jao.

Went to the room and she came behenchod mera toh lund fat ke bahar nikal raha tha use dekhke ke baad and I kissed her she was like ruko service dene ayega Mai bola uski service ki Maa ki chut and started biting her on neck and pulled her blouse so hard ke usme se uske boobs nikal aye and started sucking it utne Mai ladka aya to give room service she did her saree proper and took the towel and condom.

I lit my cigarette to smoke even she did and after that she jumped on me kissing wildly was saying kya mast dikh raha hai aj, aj tera pura Lund leke chodungi and I was like me bhi tujhe chodne hi aya hu. I rolled the rand on bed and was biting her neck left marks there we both were kissing each other like mad with every kiss I was getting too charged I removed her saree pulled her hard thodi faty bhi gayi she then removed my clothes and started giving me blowjob licking my gotas as well I then turned her in kutiya position spitted saliva from her ass was dripping in her chut and then i started eating her chut her eyes rolled back of the head with my this act and she was holding the blankets harder I didn’t wanted her to take any support and pulled both her hands back and started licking her xhut she told me bas Lund dal Warna mera pani chut jayega I told Chal Lund pehna aur upar Aa and she obeyed it came on top of me and was moving her hips even I was shaking me hips and inserting my Lund back and forth turned her face towards the mirror and told dekh teri Randi chut mera Lund kaisa le rahi hai and with such talks she got more turned and bite my hand very badly behenchod full nishan Aa Gaya I told her Pagal hogayi hai kya she said bohat maza aara hai and then told her to come in missionary I lifted both her legs on my shoulders and guys if you want to go very deep in chut this is the position and with this I gave her one big shot and it was touching her stomach she was like bhadve aram se chod bohat andar Jaa raha hai lagra hai I ignored her pleads and kept fucking her giving harder strokes 1 after another and after 20 mins I bursted inside her she was holding her stomach and sitting told me behenchod tu chut bhi Marta hai toh lagta hai gand Marra hai and I started laughing.

Session 2 started with lots of kissing again and she was licking my entire body and my lund after sometime my lund got erect and was rock hard told her condom pehna aur kutiya ban jaa she did that behenchod bhabhi thi aur uski malai gand dekh ke Chad gayi zor se gand par lafa diya pure nishan Aa gaye and she caught her ass said aisa mat kar lag raha hai I said teri gand dekh ke raha nai gaya then inserted my lund and started thrusting her with every stroke she was moving and even bed ka gadda was moving she was begging aram se chod bohat andar Jaa raha hai and I ignored as I knew thode time Baad bolegi aur zor se chod and that happened she went into pleasure mood was rubbing her chut and asking for harder strokes but after 30 mins of banging I lost interest suddenly and removed my lund she shouted kya hua xund kyu nikala Mai bola bas thak gaya hu she pulled me and came on top of me and was saying mera pani girne wala tha Pehle woh gira fir lund nikal and she came on top of me and started bouncing and after few mins left so much of juices on my xund and was shaking but mera gira nai as woh tired she asked kya hua Mai bola thak gaya hu bas she said Leto massage kar deti hu and she did massage for another 30 mins kya massage diya full body lose ho gayi.

Name: Puja
Age: 28+
City: Mumbai
Location: Virar
Code: 56694

Charges: 5000 for 2 shot with place.
Face: 8/10
Body: 9/10
Pussy: 9/10
Boobs: 10/10
DFK: 10/10
BBBJ: 10/10
Service: 9/10

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