REVIEW on Escort Trisha From Andheri

REVIEW on Escort Trisha From Andheri

This is my first review and first time I used a contact from the sheet.

Had contacted Rakesh earlier thanks to bro bhai he vouched for me he sent the pics but didn’t like them and couldn’t go after that he used to regularly send but I was totally off mongering at a point I blocked him just that I don’t get tempted . Abhi control hua nahi daru ke baad to fuck it bol ke I unblocked him and contacted him he called me near a talkies told to pick up a packet from the opposite medical fir he sent me the location building is surrounded by slum but ek dum conner me hai not much public around went up there was a girl with a little boy playing inside (Rakesh’s wife and kid) went into the room luckily I was the first customer.

Trisha looked 75% compared to photos had few pimple marks was very sweet and was clean and smelling good tried kissing her but she wouldn’t let me do DFK to upar upar se he bas grabbed her ass good bouncy and firm ass kissed her neck she kissed mine I put her hands inside my underwear she started stroking then undressed her she took my shirt off then told me to remove my pants, I sucked her tits she started moaning when I licked around her nipples then grabbed her boobs nice firm tits in shape matlab jitna chayia utna na zaydha na kam theek ek dum. She was lying besides me in panties stroking my dick while I was sucking her boobs then told her for blowjob she started kissing my nipples then my stomach then wiped my dick with the towel I didn’t allow told her to use tissues instead then she started the blow job very bad she just had her lips on my foreskin and was going back and forth with moaning sound no feelings I got on my dick I told her to go more she tried but didn’t get much satisfaction anyways did it for good 15min.

Then she put the condom on took her in standing the moment I put the dick inside and thrusted for 3-4 times she screamed I got scared asked he if she was ok she told me nahi nahi dalo aap did it for hardly 5 min it was a very uncomfortable position for some reason told her to lay down did missionary for 7-8min seeing her cute face with pleasure wala pain face I was almost about to cum so stopped did doggy good ass but had to tell her how to lay down properly doggy me did it for another 5-6min while spanking her in between grabbed her boobs wanted to cum seeing her face so told her to get on top the way she was riding me seeing her face in pleasure and my hands grabbing both her firm boobs made me cum in 2min cleaned myself up hugged her and left. Bohat din ke baad I did it to i was satisfied. Other experienced members might not like her service.

Name: Trisha
Age: 24+
City: Mumbai
Location: Andheri
Code: 738

Charges: 2500 for 1 shots with place.
Face: 7/10
Body: 8/10
Pussy: 8/10
Boobs: 9/10
DFK: 0/10
BBBJ: 3/10
Service: 7/10



I like Exploring all the redlight areas.

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  1. Could let me know the exact spot in borivali for red light areas please ?

  2. Hello admin is there any sex workers stand near jogeshwari goregaon or Andheri area
    Pls let me know
    Reply if u know any place

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