Hi Fellas, In this post I am gonna tell you guys all about Kamathipura the largest redlight area in Mumbai which was once home to about 60000 sex workers at some time and the 2nd largest in Asia. This was the hub for Mumbai night life once.

As I know a lot about this place I am gonna elaborate in deep this is gonna be a long post.

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Who are they?

So lets get started with the name Kamathipura basically Kamathi means migrant workers form the neighboring state Karnataka. It all started in 1795 when the construction started for connecting the 7 islands of Maharashtra which¬† by the British government would be later known to be Mumbai Financial hub of India. It was not at all meant as a redlight area in start, Migrant laborers settled as the price of real estate were dirt cheap in early 1800’s. later it saw a spike of prostitutes due human trafficking. This small region boasted the most exotic consorts. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, a large number of women and girls from continental Europe and Japan were trafficked into Kamathipura, where they worked as prostitutes servicing British soldiers and local Indian men. The british were racist in choosing their hoes. The lanes in this area were named depending on the country where the girls belong like for instance A busy road in Kamathipura was known as Safed Gully (White Lane) owing to the European prostitutes housed here during the British Raj. When the british left India indian sex workers took over. It used to be a 14 lanes big area however due to recent real estate price hike it is now left to 3 to 4 lanes only. I visited the area in early 2018 and I could see high rise building covering the area and construction going on for more. Early all the girls over here used to sell themselves on their own but after the Indian government made Prostitution illegal(Though later it was legalized) it all became a hell where women were trafficked form different states & country(Nepal & Bangladesh) to meet the growing demand, men(pimps) began soliciting customers on behalf of women and everything turned into brothels. I’ve read in newspaper girls as young as 11 were trafficked in here and rescued by police. Back in days you could just keep walking and the women view would just not end but now its been limited to several foot steps.

Where can you find them?

Most of the time you can just walk up the road and you will be able to see some women standing on the road on all directions on the marker on map below, you can directly approach them and get your thing going. apart from this if just keep walking on the road below you would be confronted with a lot of pimps trying to take you with them.

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How much do they charge?

Most of them say 350/- including everything(room,condom etc.) but don’t get into that trap don’t even trust any pimps who say they can get you laid in 350/-. The original rates start from 700/- includes everything for an hour.

How are they?

Overall some of them are tempting hot, some of them are average with lot of makeups. There is always a risk of getting looted while taking a road side girl the pimps will also tell you the same thing. Some pimps also loot you once you are inside the house. Most of the time newbies end up loosing all their money to pimps, hookers or bouncers inside the house. If you have a good rapport with a pimp you can have a wonderful time. The rates shoot up to 10000/- for better looking and young girl, you can get what you want here by paying up. If you are someone who is scared and nervous DO NOT VISIT you will end up loosing all your money. They smell fear. Apart from that I’ve heard a lot of storied people getting looted here. I am not scaring you guys just warning you. Simply carry minimal amount of cash while visiting.

Once there was a time when people used to visit these place for lot of activities. You will find girls, food & alcohol in very cheap rates compared to other Mumbai localities. Right now this place is dyeing, visit before the 2nd largest redlight district of Asia is wiped out from the map.









Please take a look at how I was looted in Kamathipura.

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