Shemales at Juhinagar Station Redlight Area Mumbai

Hi Fellas, In this post I am gonna tell you guys all about these Hot Navi Mumbai Shemales near Juhinagar Station, Redlight area in Mumbai, Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife.

So I’ve already covered most of the stuff about these Shemales . Most of the stuff applies to these Shemales also. However these Shemales are from the neighborhood. They have a pretty big Temple of their god, you can learn all about it here & here. I’ll drop the location co-ordinates below if you want to visit their temple you can do so, they are very welcoming(No funny business inside the temple). Overall they are good people but the society makes them do these kind of things. I’ve seen people form rich family, Wealthy businessmen visiting the temple.

Where can you find the Shemales in the Video?


Picture of Redlighttraveller


I like Exploring all the redlight areas.

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  1. For shortertimee, I have to go to lodge?? Or they will take me to the bushes? I m talking about shemales in Juinagar.

    1. You can do both, most of the time they take you to the bushes, if the price is right they will come to lodge with you.

  2. Alright guys, this indeed is a spot for shemales. But let me warn you, DON’T carry any extra cash. They’ll pick your pocket for sure & you wont even realize. Luckily i had only 40-50 rs extra so want that bad. Again, its not a place where you can enjoy. They are really in hurry to grab ur money and finish. So, beware and take risk with your own mind.

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