REVIEW on Escort Kavita From Bandra

REVIEW on Escort Kavita From Bandra

Messaged her on WhatsApp if she’s available for a massage today, she replied affirmatively and quoted 5k, after an hour of discussion, we finalized for 4k for an hour! Came at around 6:30 pm to the hotel! Not the best looker but not that bad either. She started the massage well! Not the best massage but good! After like 40 mins, asked if i want service, i was like, duhh! Then she asked to shower, took shower!

She was in a rush as she had a friend waiting outside, a bummer! Had a problem with DFK, said no lips, says she’s scared of corona (fun fact: i am vaccinated, showed her and she agreed) After some 10 mins, said wouldn’t do bbj as she can vomit, I asked her to try, gave it for like 5 mins and then i again forced her, after 15 mins, she gave up!

Then we had sex for like 15 mins, I came! Okayish sex but that’s because i was on weed! She had to rush, couldn’t wait for an hour more!
Note: She was asking if there’s a group of people I’m involved with, wherein we share numbers! I denied!

Name: Kavita
Age: 26+
City: Mumbai
Location: Bandra
Code: 1088

Charges: 4000 for 2 shots 1200 for hotel
Face: 6/10
Body: 7/10
Pussy: 7/10
Boobs: 8/10
DFK: 2/10
BBBJ: 6/10
Massage: 7.5/10
Service: 6/10

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