Getting Robbed at Kamathipura

Hi Fellas,

In this post I am gonna tell you guys all about these Escorts / Call Girls / Hookers / Prostitutes at the illegal brothels and the redlight area of Kamathipura in Mumbai. How do they loot you and how does prostitution in India operates.

So in my last visit to Kamathipura I simply took a couple of walks and took a look at the operations undergoing over there. I was solicited with lot of pimps and hookers. I simply turned the pimps away and didn’t talk to the hookers. Once you talk to the hookers their hopes get really high to loot you. In the start the pimps will talk to you politely and offer you mouth watering services but that is all nonsense. All the pimps work for brothel owners. If a pimp takes a customer to a brothel he get a good commission. And the hookers standing on the roads are just for show that means she would promise all kind of services but once you are inside the room the girl changes. So just in case 80% of the women standing on roads are for attracting customers.

In my previous post as I mentioned the prices start from 700/- & goes upto 2000/-. most of the pimps would tell you 350/- for a great service, great beauty with A/C Room. Let me tell you the cheapest lunch in Mumbai costs 100/- per person and this is a flesh trade. So the cost should be up by 5. As in the restaurant industry the price of food depends on the type of service and the item, same happens in flesh trade you will get what you pay for. So if you think you can get laid for 350 with the greatest sexual experience you are totally wrong. If any of the pimps say you 350/- at start simply don’t trust them the cost start from 700/- and can go upto any amount depending on your requirement. However if you are ready to spend 2000/- you can get legal and safe alternative in Mumbai. Remember prostitution is legal, but brothels are illegal. And the whole Kamathipura is made up of brothels. Until and unless you are a poor person or a big-shot you wont find anything you are looking for here. And most of us come from the middle segment. So I would suggest to try any Independent escort.

FACT: Food is cheaper in Kamathipura compared to rest of the Mumbai

So after my first visit I went there for 2nd time. As soon as I entered the area a pimp started following me and started getting friendly with me(My camera was not recording at this point). After telling him repeatedly that I don’t want anything get the fuck out of my face he did not listen he insisted me to just take a look at the girls available at his brothel or at least take his number down. I did take his number down but deleted it. After I had some tandoori and kebab. After wasting like 30 mins I went back to the streets to start recording. And I don’t know how the hell he saw me he came near to me and told me at least I should’ve called him. And asked me to follow him. Anyhow I wanted to experience how things work here I started following him knowing I would be looted in the last. So the experience was hell. The building was a dwarf building built in 80’s I think, with lot of structure damage. On the ground floor there were couple of shops & the brothel was on first floor. Coming to the floor the height of the floor was also not enough for an average person to stand straight, I had to lean a bit to walk properly. The rooms(where you are suppose to make love) was also not that great. There was just a single person bed with very little space for a second person to stand. The bed sheet was looking dirty I don’t know for how long it was not changed. Just in case if you watch porn and you are looking to try different positions with these girls, get ready to be disappointed. It’s not that they don’t know about it, remember their daily job is to satisfy clients but in 700 you wont be getting that. The only position they stick to is missionary. There were 12 girls in a single brothel jammed together. The living condition was horrible. Just in case if you want to run away let me spill the beans for you, you would definitely fail. remember earlier I told you, you cannot walk properly there. Also I didn’t see any windows while I was there.

So as soon as I climbed the stairs and reached the floor I could hear women screaming in Bengali. I understood all of them are from Bengal. So the pimp took me a bit deeper into the floor into a room with A/C and a mirror. As soon I sat there the bouncer entered the room(I recognized him as a bouncer because he was huge I mean fucking huge). The bouncer tried to make me comfortable by asking my name and where I live. In the mean time another guy and brothel owner came there(I recognized the brothel owner because he was the one who was issuing instructions). So as you guessed, I was the only customer at that time, because I was surrounded by 4 guys including a brothel owner. So the pimp asked to the owner to show some girls to me and he issued instructions in I don’t know which language. And 4 women appeared in front of me in the jam packed room. Most of them were OKAY but not up-to my standards. I choose the one who was looking like the bhabhi next door and had the biggest boobs. So everything is perfect till now you guys would be thinking of dream come true. Nope the problem starts here.

The moment the girls left the pimp asked me the money I had 600/- with me(I intentionally didn’t carry more cash and also spent some on kebeb & tandori) so I handed over 500/- note to the pimp expecting 150/- to be returned as per the deal made on road. But here came the twist he said give me more. I knew this is gonna happen so I kept my cool and asked him what did we decide. He said the room also costs. I said that is what you told me before taking me here. So after talking a bit I gave them the remaining 100/- also. But they seamed to be not happy so the owner proceeded to snatch my purse. But I didn’t let him, then came something scary, 3 of them started snatching my purse and the bouncer threatening me. I got shit scared by the bouncer threatening me. I had some ATM cards and some old note in my purse and nothing else. The owner did a through check and returned my purse. After that he proceeded to check my backpack and dint find anything. And then he proceeded to check my pockets, this literally killed my Anger, Excitement & nervousness. Once they were done I asked where is the washroom, took a pee. An then was moved to a much smaller room with no A/C. Good part was I got the same women whom I choose earlier. She was asking for 30/- for condoms I said I dont want to do anything let me catch my breath and then I’ll leave. She was a little surprised, She was like no you will have to fuck me. I explained her no matter what you do I wont get in mood(Really I was not there to get a fuck just for experience). She said okay sit for 5 mins and leave. I barely sat for 2 mins in that congested room and ran away.




I like Exploring all the redlight areas.

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  1. सर अच्छी सेफ जगह बताओ जहा सेक्स और मजा ले सके . और उसका पता हमें मेल किजिए ओर साथ मैं mobile no & Rate हमें mail करे.

      1. Sir please let me also know about safe and genuine independent escort service.please mail me if possible.

  2. Bro, I have been there. I have similar experience. I too wanna explore. I am happy that I am alive. Looted is small word. I suggest people to go at their own risk.

      1. Ha bro. Many times I feel I should meet some one who wanna explore this red light areas rather than roaming single. If you wanna explore more areas let me know. I can take you to places I know. Expecting nothing from you. Just wanna meet some one who thinks like me.

        1. Any one who wanna explore can reply me here. I wish to join anyone who has a habit of this exploration. It would be fun to meet people and talk to people with similar thinking. Also, @admin why dont you create a whatsapp group? so more talk can happen

          1. Bro, as much as you wanna make this website, I need a place where people can talk freely about this. I can help you in this regard if you need any.

          2. A whatsapp group would be death to privacy of mongers. Still we can Use telegram or Signal if you all agree.

          3. Yes I had similar experience, if admin allow i can write on it. i would appreciate @mines idea to team up and explore. i have been few area in navi mumbai. Do let me know. @admin if you need help with your website i can help. as it is WordPress powered.

          1. Yeah, I agree with most of what you say.
            I was in Mumbai for 5 weeks in May this year and had a few visits to Kamathipura during the day and night.
            As far as pimps go, I found or rather she found me a middle aged pimp (woman) who took me to different brothels and the price was always around the 2,000 mark, give or take a few hundred, girls were generally ok with 2 being quite good. The pimps are a pest, and am sure we can find what we are looking for without their help. One night i had some trouble with a persistent drug fucked male who wouldn’t leave me alone, I made the mistake of pushing him away, he pulled a razor from his mouth and threatened to cut me if i didn’t give him 200, luckily there was a police car close by and when i started to walk towards it he took off in the other direction.
            Picked a few street hookers up from around lane 12 area, had trouble 1 time (was robbed of 500) an extra woman came into the room for want of a better word and as i was making sure they didn’t take my phone they took 500 out of my pocket, as a consequence it cost me about 1500 and i didn’t get to finish the dead. One particular hooker was quite small and cute, saw her 2 times.
            I’ll be going back in September for 3 weeks and will keep an eye on this site for updates etc.

          2. Hey bro. Can spend 2-3k. Do you know any decent prostitutes or area with good reputation?

            Please suggest some.

    1. Hi Mines,

      As of now the forum is not open for public we are working on it to make it available to public.

      1. Bro, i see that you are pasting content in the forum from some other online websites. Do you have a list of such website where such discussions take place. Pls mail me incase.

  3. Bhai which lane of kamathipura is this? And one more thing where did u keep camera? Any way great work…. You would be missed up if you are caught with the camera… Bhai pls reply…

  4. Hello
    Doing an awsm job only the audience is less which grow very quick
    1)video quality of video uploaded on site is very high plzz low a bittle
    2)plzz visit gb marg grand road side
    Where all bgrade theatres are there
    3)explore more good work

  5. Monetized this site You will have enough revenue to fuck high rated prostitute
    And around 1.30 am onwards and 6.00am
    U will see high rated prostitute near timber market kamatipura

    1. About monetization, we are gonna let it be like this for some more time.

      The girls you see near timber market are not prostitute, all of them are dancers.
      Mujra(Indian version of strip club) happens there the place is called Bachu Bhai Ki Bari.

  6. One thing is missing after they looted u
    U went that prostitute where is that recording plzz show

  7. Can anyone please share with me contacts of independent females in nerul and nearby areaby areas. I would really appreciate this help as I am new in Navi Mumbai.

  8. Hello
    1)Visit Grand Road Red Light Area near all b-grade theaters
    2)plzz show that part when that prostitutes was telling u to fuck her
    3)show more brothels
    4)visit grand road and make video

    1. I did visit there but it was nothing like recording very few numbers of hooker there.
      That part was not recorded as I stopped recording before that.
      Which part of grant road you would like to see?

  9. interaction between u and and many prostitute will be appreciated.

    Is fucking a prostitute in a hotel legal or illegal?

    750 involves both the service and accomodation?

    1. Interactions coming soon.
      Yes fucking a prostitute in hotels is legal, until and unless both of you are of legal age.
      Yes 750 involves both the service and accommodation. But if you are planning to go there I would suggest against it.

      1. I beg to differ here. Even though it appears both are legal age and are doing with consent, practically you will be booked in a case as pimps are involved. Police wont listen to all this law points. They just arrest and harass.

        1. That’s correct but in the arrangements made with pimp all these things happen very rarely as they pay bribes to cops to not make a raid.
          If an NGO or other shit are involved then the bribes wont help much.
          Best to do it in private.

          1. Even CH is raided many times earlier. Is it so random or any particular season they conduct raids. But sure each year they conduct raids. Just google. They happened in April 2018 as well.

          2. hello admin you are doing nice work for the some persons.
            can you have video or any kind of info about congress house rate and services.

  10. Finger prints from my hands are vanishing
    Time to do some real shit
    Where can i find best maaal

    1. Me and my 2 friend are became victim of this type same scam in kamathipura he looted around my money 5500 and my friend whole wallet money 7000 around grabbed and we were sit overthere and leave it.

  11. Bro i need camera just like the one u have plzz tell where can i find or can i make one

  12. Hey,
    Can you tell me which place should I visit in Mumbai for sex? I don’t want to get looted :/
    And i can only afford less than 1k total.

    Are there any “good” places near churchgate or cst?

      1. It won’t be possible to visit Navi Mumbai, as i won’t be having a vehicle, and traveling from marine lines to Juhinagar is problematic :/

        I have only one day in Mumbai.

    1. Sorry Bro whatsapp is too risky, we can telegram but for now lets just stick to the forum.

    1. Hi What you can do is play the video and then pause it for some time and play it back this way it wont buffer.

  13. HEY man
    Loved your videos I’m from Bangalore would love to explore with you here in Bangalore
    I have a request please if you can explore massage parlour and record it
    Also amazing camera work

  14. Any experience about CH or NL ? I am not keen on FS ..BJ any other suggestions? I am at oshiwara

    1. Please do not post any links of whatsapp. You can get into trouble by cops.

      Soon I am gonna start a telegram group.

  15. You can cover the name of the massage parlour maybe? Just a request..
    waiting for more street hooker videos anyway.

  16. Hi I’m going to travel to Indian soon to experience Indian women. I have a fetish for bhabhis (I’m britain) and would love to spend some days experiencing as many bhabhis as possible. Can I take part in the telegram group? Are there bhabhis escorts? Where do I find best bhabhis?

    1. Soon, I am organizing something as of now. Once that is done only the trusted members would have access to telegram group.

  17. Hi admin is it safe for juinagar street hookers is they loot money from freshers or how is lodge is it safe?

    1. Telegram group is coming soon, however that would be a invite only group. The members who share most Fr’s would be invited only.

  18. Admin help me… suggest me place of girl …where i can sex without risk with independent girl

  19. I will share my experience it happen in turbhe which we call it tekadi me and my friend planned to visit turbhe for some fun as it was his 1 time and for me it was 3 time but I was very confident that we are going for just for fun nothing else so I was calm as we entered from the main side of tekadi we went till last from there right and left both side we roam but my friend was confuse which to choose aunty, girl or just average women even now i was getting frustrated as because of my friend then I don’t know I was walk towards to go out of tekadi from main road my friend call me and said I want to fuck this one I said ok I told him I am standing out u go and enjoy but here come the twist as I was standing out one women from back and one came from in tried to push me inside by saying come in have seat drink water or wait for ur friend inside I was like no I don’t but they force me and I was like ok as u insist when i entered that room my friend was standing on 1 side lady told him 200 rs outside and inside she took 300rs from him I was looking to my friend all 3 or 4 ladies including that 2 who was pushing me asked which u like pay and go for fun I was like no no I am not interested and I don’t want to do so they started forcing me even my shit head friend started supporting I sensed some thing is wrong and I should go out suddenly this women stardey saying something in Bengali i pushed 1 women who was literally pushing me on bed again then within a sec that 4 women started shouting like hell 2day also if I remember that I get goosebumps one women took a metal Blade which painter usually use that one and she barged on me and ask to give my wallet but till the end I didn’t loose my hope and like I said no means no I won’t give u shit u cut me once ok do it but when I will come back I will fuck it ass without paying a single penny and u all will see what I will do with u I don’t scare from this shit I literally said this by keeping my head calm so the first women who was holding me she loose her hand I came out and started shouting to give my money and let my friend go at that moment I was shocked nervous and by looking my friend I was laughing from in side but without any expression as I have to be serious so what this all women did was all off them came out and spread some went to opposite building where when u enter tekadi u see right side a building same like Kamathipura girls are standing out they went to that building side and 1 women stayed behind in that room my friend came out and he was asking money from me and I was like dumb ass force them to give money or fuck that women which u selected but after that scenario he was also fucked up and scared so I continued to shout on them and asking for my friend money I don’t know from where my friend came on his bike he was like took my name and I was also shock but when u in this kind of situation where u will need local with u it would be grateful I narrated all that incident to him he was like wait he call some another person from that same lane building that guy came out my friend introduce me to him and said this so-so women took his money tell them to give back or I won’t be good for them that man called that main women who was having money as she came towards she was laughing and saying I was just joking we were giving money back but this boy was shouting like this she started accusing me but at the end I got my friend money back and a experience that
    1. Don’t take dumb, less of confidence and specially 1st timer as they shit on wrong place and wrong timing
    2. Never go alone and if u then be very cautious and daring as some time it can back fire and when with some one always walk with each other as if some one get hook so u can easily help him not like my situation
    3. This is true that money which is told outside and the taken inside is deferent so all ways keep money separate and in change because u never know where u need them as this women are for earnings how much and whatever they see they try to snatch it at once
    4. Always avoid to go alone
    5. And never ever and specially at this places scare or loose because all this people are from that dark side but at the end of the day they are humans like me and u. U scared they will do more don’t be scare and afraid of them which I did on that time
    Last but not the least area where this happen when u enter tekadi one the right side is that building which I mention and one the other hand left side that lane which go straight all the house all that left lane is all mother fucking bitches .
    My suggestion try to north east or some Marathi but not this Bengali and Odisha people as they are very dirty and create scene on every time no offence to reader’s even those women who fight with me 1 of them was Marathi but fluent in Bengali and I was shocked so every one is same but my experience of there prefer to go for north..

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  21. Hi guys there is a place in u should get down to CST station and take a cab and get down to lamington road policy chowki there u can find heaven there is middleman he will show u some girls and remember there is no money looting here….

  22. जुई नगर के पास में सेक्स के लिए सेफ जगह बताओ , और पता भेजो

  23. Hello Sir
    I am also looking for some casual things can you please allow me to join your genuine groups or contacts. I am ready to pay looking for some contacts.

  24. Hello sir
    Need some Indian girl. Help me to hook up. Am ready to go with you. Am in Mahasthra

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