Turbhe Tekedi Redlight Area Mumbai

Hi Fellas,

In this post I am gonna tell you guys all about these Escorts / Call Girls / Hookers / Prostitutes at Turbhe Tekedi the largest redlight area in Navi Mumbai, Prostitution in Navi Mumbai, Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife.

Who are they?

So lets get started with the name Turbhe Tekedi, in marathi a tekedi means a hill since this hill is in turbhe it is known as Turbhe Tekedi. This place is basically a slum 5 years back the condition of this place was way to dull right now it is uplifted because of the lands been drilled down and sold to many industries. I don’t know when did it started but I know how it started. On the other side of the Turbhe Railway Station is Turbhe store this is the area where it all started. So basically back in the early days I guess 1980’s it was all jungle & hills and the Maharashtra government decided to make it a MIDC zone(Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation). Basically the plan was to drill the hills and sell the lands to industries to setup plants. Some people were staying over here in huts already, as soon as they got the news that the government has declared the area under MIDC they started capturing more land and making more huts, calling in more people, and even renting the spaces to people who cannot afford to live in cities. So now this place had a population of around 20,000 and lots of temporary houses. filled with daily wage laborers and other class of people who cannot afford home on the other side of the highway. So the government came in and tried to demolish all the houses and drill the hill but the people protested and delayed the process. In the meantime people kept coming in and this time building long lasting houses thus increasing the population. In the meantime someone saw an opportunity and demands for women in this locality(At that time prostitution was illegal in India) So the person did the same thing any businessman would do with an opportunity he opened a brothel. Since it was out of reach of the police and nobody complained some more people got the courage to open their brothel. It went on like that for some time and a good chunk of the land became what we know as Turbhe Tekedi Today. The girls 95% of them are from Bengal 4% from Nepal & 1% from other Indian states. 90% of them are victims of human trafficking and the rest surrender themselves to this because of their needs. I once met an girl from here who was married to a person in Bengal and then he brought her here and made her get into this profession. Police rarely takes any action here as most of the girls are hidden somewhere as soon as the police comes.

Where can you find them?

Get down on Turbhe Railway station While facing towards Koperkhairne On the start of the platform on the left there is a Bus Depot, on the right there is Highway. You need to take first exit on right cross the highway, enter Turbhe store and keep walking till you come near a Mosque keep walking 1 more minute and you are there. A full fledged Redlight District in Navi Mumbai. Just in case if you are not able to find the area look for a above ground water tank it is the landmark or take the help of the below map.

How much do they charge?

Well the common rate is 200/- per shot that includes 2 condoms a little privacy, a cot where many men laid with the same girl before you. 0% hygiene. Now maybe the rates have been increase to 350 per shot I remember I had a regular bengali girl over there who would give me the best time always and let me do anything I want.

How are they?

Well as always depends how do you define beauty, some of them are really hot. Rarely you will find a gem(Like I did). Most of them are just bhabhi types fat women with over makeup(really you will see in the videos how do they apply foundation). They are no pimps here you walk over the road they will try to get your attention and call you. Don’t carry extra cash and be nervous you will be looted. Don’t get into the alleyways if you are nervous and scared you will be looted. Just carry multiple of 200/- depending on your stamina. They will just put on 2 condoms provided by the government spread their legs and let you do the job. No BJ no GFE no different kind of positions just missionary. At first while negotiations they will agree for everything, but apart form missionary you wont get anything. Don’t try to act smart you will be beaten by goons. If someone tries to force you to go with her just smile and say I am going to the DRUM factory. Few meters ahead there is a drum manufacturing factory over there so you can escape or at least try.


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I like Exploring all the redlight areas.

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    1. first time walo ke liye unka contact number tahega to achcha rahega nhi to bhot log darte under jane me

  2. Thanks for your personal marvelous posting!
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  3. Hi dude I go to turbhe every weekend. Can you plz pm some tips on how to go there as in clothing wise (how to dress up, should I carry my cellphone, etc) and attitude wise coz I dont want to be looted. Like which aunty to meet and pay so that I can get some descent stuff. I have a good plan and place is incredible considering money

    1. To be safe wear a T-shir and shorts, dont look modern. Dont make eye contacts with anyone. Dont carry your mobile. Simply carry 500 rs in multiple of 100’s. Walk upto any hooker you like and negotiate the price normally it’s 200/shot.

      1. alright thanks. shorts??? what if I wear like a plain pant and a t-shirt. Also do you know any aunty over there with whom I can negotiate for girls? TBH sounds risky but its cheap as well so I am confused between this or NL

        1. Shorts like a bermuda. Just look like you are from slums. I dont have any contacts there. I would say go to NL.

  4. Part 1 & Part 3 Video, What time did you visit? Many were having tea, looks like Morning 8am??

  5. Great job Admin. It takes a lot of courage and technique to shoot such videos. This Turbhe place actually makes Kamathipura look good. Anyway I am also a fan of such places. If you want to shoot more, there is similar place in Bhiwandi, Hanuman tekdi.
    Then there are a few brothels below Kennedy bridge near lamington road (going from panchratna building to kennedy bridge the brothels are on either side of the bridge just before you are near the start of the bridge). The brothels near kennedy bridge charge you more (I don’t know the current rates) but you will not be looted. The services can be good. It was my regular joint till 10 years back when I left India for overseas.

  6. Thanks for the detailed and open article. So Interesting. On the Western side there are but how is that no information is available ? Could you check out. ?

  7. Hi Fellas,

    After reading the post by admin, i was elated that we got a new place to enjoy near Mumbai. I visited Kamathipura couple of time before and had returned dejected every-time. There are more pimps than girls. They stalk you one by one and promise hell lots of things in 300 which is actually not possible. I suspected them and never went with them or I would had ended up like the admin. Thank you again for sharing your story. It will save many. Please avoid kamathipura without any reference.

    Yesterday, I decided to visit turbhe tekedi as the girls and aunty were worth the money as shown in the video. I reached turbhe station at 7pm. Turbhe station is very huge and grand. Howevever, the crowd is very less and also low class when compared to Mumbai or thane. I could spot one or two hookers outside the station itself. Decided to head straight for the tekedi. To reach that red light area you have to cross a small locality After walking for few minutes i was able to locate the place. Let me tell you friends, that the whole area is slum and it will be very difficult for anyone to not stand out from the crowd. Most of them were in shorts. I saw the hookers standing from a distance and decided to wait for some time as there were very less people using that road. After waiting for few minutes i decided to enter that area. Well as soon as they saw me they starting calling me as lamboo, chasmis, chikna, hero and started pulling me towards their home. I was trying my best to avoid it. I was totally outnumbered. I increased my pace and somehow saved myself from one group of hookers. A little ahead i saw couple of good aunties worth a try but was totally shaken to talk to anyone. She told that she will take only 100 bucks, but it is a lie as told by the admin. Things told outside are not applicable when you hand over the money. Unfortunately, i reached a dead end and had to go back via the same route. White returning too, they tried to pull me, snatch my specs but i successfully evaded them all. I am well built guy, 6 feet and 75 kgs.

    I have visited Pune’s Budhwar peth many times. It is the best red light area. Girls are better, absolutely no touts or pimps. no forcefully puling or customers. You can comfortably make and choice and finish your job. Good quality young girls can be given a shot for 400. Police station is right next to the red light area so no looting or snatching.
    @admin: If you are ready than i write another topic for you. I can tell which kotha to go for best girls and dos and donts. Please let me know.

    So fells, never go to tubhe tekedi alone. Carry limited cash. No fancy mobile. if any fella wants to explore the area, please let me know and personally ping me. We can go together. That will be safer.

    @admin. Can you please make a report on thane hookers? I spoke to one yesterday and she told 2000 with lodge extra.

    1. Hi Kwid,

      Thank you for sharing your experience , I would love to talk to you in private if you can contact me on my Facebook page or group it would be great.

      Please write your other experiences as well.

    2. From where u get no of hookers please let me know the site too..or if u know u pls share it personally…

    3. i wanna go there to discover ..
      will u accompany me..??
      do let me know
      please do reply will share u my number..
      m from mira road

  8. Yes, I would like to start a topic on Budhwar peth in pune. Can we open a new article on the same? I may also share the content with you so that you can post it. I have already connected with on facebook. BTW i am Kwid and not Khan.

  9. Mai google ke info. Se ek bar kamthpura gaya tha..mai 30 min tak usdar gum raha tha..bahut sare girls aunty the, afternoon time mai, leken tabhi mujhe waha ek aadmi mila..aur usne mujhe pahechan liha tha ke sex karne aaya hai..usne mujhe advice yaha pe sex karenghe to kam rate mai under bula ke lootenghe ..tum mere sath aavo mai tumai girls dekhata hu ekdam safety and koi lutegha bhi usse area mai ek building the ..waha pe ekdam safe sex chahata hai..unno ne 6 girls dekhaye mujhe..mast dekh rahe the..unno ne bhi kaha he baher javoghe to lutenghe yaha safety sex hogha..unne mine 1300 rs ka pakad ke..condam ke 50 diye..aur uss aadme ko jisane mujhe lagha usse 50 diye..aur 1 hour excellent sex ka maja liya..nice service in kamthpura..only no bj aur kiss baki all position sex and satisfy me

    1. Me b waha jaana Chahta Hun…aap is jagah Ka ya koi contact number De sakte ho plzzz…..

  10. ise to aacha Bhai Bp deke kaam chala lunga?? warna Sex toy ki lady 1800 tak milti h vo buy karlunga?

  11. Admin could you please mail me the numbers of hookers in navi mumbai.It would be very helpful

  12. Hi Guys,

    Don’t Go at Turbhe Tekadi

    Only cheating, deceiving is there.
    Trick to cheat: They will tell you little price. Ask for more or award. Will check you all. will say you might have something that harm. Then all amount you will have will be taken and you can not do anything. Again will not show breast, will ask money if you will decline or said now i don’t have.Then either just ejaculate or will through you out without service.

    So loose money and fuck yourself.

  13. Anyone who wants to explore redlight, we can go together and explore the place.

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