REVIEW on Call Girl Sarika From Kalyan

REVIEW on Call Girl Sarika From Kalyan

After getting a full-okay signal from our Admin bhai, planned to bang Sarika. Although her reviews weren’t raving, still decided to give her a try as she was the closest from my place(Approximately 10 Km one side).

Phoned her affront and got to know that she had shifted her den from Diksha Lodging, Shahad to Sai Lodging, Kalyan East. Initially she demanded 2K plus Room 700/-. Then on bargaining she toned down to 1.3K if I paid her the entire 2K. She said she will pay directly to the Hotel which includes Non-AC room of 700.

Reached the lodge which is eerily situated on the main road itself. Parked my car and went in through the side-entrance. At the counter I told the guy Pradeep that Sarika ne bheja hai. He took my id. Asked for 700 wherein I told Sarika will pay you directly. He nodded and took me to the room which was clean. Phoned Sarika that I was here. She told she will come in 20 minutes. Meanwhile took a bath and got ready.

She walked in after 30 minutes(had kept the door unlatched) after 2 soft knocks. She is too slim almost skeleton-like with a height of 4’10” or something. I stood up dwarfing her by almost a foot. Has a face & body like a college girl. Looks college girl too. But she’s 21 years & 11 months when I asked for her id proof.

Then she went into family drama ranting for almost 10 minutes with me checking her out and grabbing her here and there and checking her out. Then she went into the bathroom and emerged after washing her face.

Slowly she removed her clothes and I was like, my god, she is a skeleton with lemon-sized boobs, flat ass with hip bone protruding out from both sides instead of a round ASS!

Then she ripped off my towel and dabbled praises about ADMIN saying that he has got her clients & that 2 clients didn’t pay up after video call. Had already requested for a BBJ beforehand and she grabbed a towel after retracting my foreskin. I asked why and she replied she wants to clean it with towel. I told her I’ve already cleaned but she insisted & i returned after spray-jetting. Then she went down on me for a toothy BBJ for full 10 minutes. Got my tool as hard as a rock and immediately put on the condom while starting WOT. To my amazement I couldn’t get my wick inside her by myself and had to force it inside with her help. Nice tight Pussy. Maza aa gaya. But she was like sitting on top and not moving and only making hu hu hu hu like sounds😝😂….Sadly, she has poor riding skills and I had to wallop her from beneath to get her riding. Each thrust was forceful and pressure was immense. There weren’t any boobs to grab but tight chut made up for this remission. Then turned to missionary and again switched to WOT. Weird thing that she was laughing.

Then we watched TV and i lent an ear to her family drama rona. Then she tells me that her elder sister is into 1’st year of graduation, total 4 sisters etc, no pocket money, gareebi etc.

Then I asked for the 2’nd round but I couldn’t even get my tool up. Requested for a BBJ but still tool was adamant on sleeping. Finally asked for a HJ and came on her lap.

Overall she’s an asset for someone who is looking for a tight chut. Baaki sab kuch aankh band karke Sunny Leone ko imagine karo😝😜

Name: Sarika
Age: 21+
City: Mumbai
Location: Kalyan
Code: 263

Charges: 1300 for 2 shots 700 for lodge
Face: 5/10
Body: 4/10
Pussy: 9/10
Boobs: 3/10
DFK: 0/10
BBBJ: 5/10
Service: 5/10

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