REVIEW on Call Girl Nisha From Malad

REVIEW on Call Girl Nisha From Malad

Yesterday being holiday I thought to celebrate and was thinking to go with Sania as she is a good girl. But before proceeding I went through the reviews on her service and after reading them I changed my mind. Then I read the reviews on Nisha, and all of them had written good about her so I went ahead to book her for the night.

I contacted her on WhatsApp and said that I got her reference from Rohan as per sheet. She asked me how much I am willing to pay, so I told her I got a heads up of 5k/2 (in sheet it is 6k/2). She was like its too less and all and was demanding to make it 7k.I told her sorry that I cant go above 6k and if she is okay than we are good to proceed. After 15 min she replied okay and asked to book the room.

I booked a room nearby and send her the booking details. I checked in around 8 in the hotel and gave her the room number. She was like I’m getting ready and will be there in 1 hour. I had requested her to come in decent clothes. She came around 9 in the room and took another 20 min to settle as she was busy in her phone taking other booking and managing her friends. I told her to be relax and take her time.

While she was doing her work we were having little chit chat as well and ordered for dinner in the meantime. Luckily her work got done and she got free. So she asked ki by the time dinner comes let us have 1 session.

She turned off the lights and started stripping down. While doing it and coming closer she was like I’m sorry and all that I’m busy on the phone and couldn’t give time to you etc etc. I was like I will ignore that depending how happy you make me now.

Than we started with the DFK and moving our hands all over each other body. Her tits were like melon but saggy and I’m found of Tight oranges so they didn’t attract me much.

After 2-5 min of DFK I told her to lay down on the bed and I was on top of her. Than I started sucking and pressing her boobs and in between DFK and then slowly kissing all over her body.

After 5-10 minutes I told her to show her moves and than I lay down and she was on top. Man she was amazing. She started with DFK than biting on ears and neck. Slowing sucking biting my nipples and went down to give BBJ. She is a really good at sucking and playing with dicks.

After few minutes of BBJ I was fully erect I told her lets have it. I had got DUREX invisible Condom. So she put it on and we started with missionary. Man her pussy was a bit tight and wet as hell. She was moaning in very low voice and was looking damn sensual in the position. After 5 min of intercourse I felt something is wrong and I stopped fucking her, we found that the condom got broked. And I was yet to cum.

She didn’t panic at all and she was relax with it. Like its okay I will have a pill tomorrow. Man first time I had felt the pleasure of without condom. it was amazing and hence forth will try to have it without condoms with my known girls. Rest with new girls we can’t take the risk.

We got up and cleaned ourselves. Than we sat down and had a bit chit chat. The dinner arrived and we had a good talk while having the same. in between she was getting her calls for the next booking where she was suppose to go after our meeting.

She didn’t hurried at all but seem to be stressed as it was already getting late and she had to travel far as she had one more friend waiting for her for the next booking. After finishing the dinner we started again. This time while having the DFK I fingered her and slapped her ass in between.

After 10-15 min of foreplay I told her lets try doggy. She was like we wont use the invisible wala condom. She had spare condom in her purse of durex so we used that one this time. We started and man due to her tightness she screamed a bit. As I was banging her in doggy she was making noises a bit loud. I grabbed her boobs and pulled her backwards and kissed to shut her up will banging. Man she is amazing and co-operative with anything and everything you ask for. After 7-8 min of doggy we changed and went to the seashell position.

After few minutes I was done and we got up and cleaned ourselves.

I checked my phone and had forgot that I had a drink plan with my friends. So I told Nisha that its okay if she wanna leave, you can keep 1 shot pending for our next meet. She smiled and was like you are very supportive and understanding and all. Than we both got ready. I asked her how much should pay, she was like you pay only 4k as we had only 1 session. Let us not keep anything pending for our next meet. I was cool with it. Than she request me to drop her at friends location which I agreed as my friend had time to reach the hotel with booze.

I dropped her and came back to the hotel room and had drinks with my friend.

Name: Neha
Age: 26+
City: Mumbai
Location: Malad
Code: 1460

Charges: 4000 for 1 shot 1500 for hotel.
Face: 9/10
Body: 9/10
Pussy: 9/10
Boobs: 9/10
DFK: 9/10
BBBJ: 9/10
Service: 9/10

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