Review on Escort Falguni From Vashi

REVIEW on Escort Falguni From Vashi

Was looking for some action for very long. Messaged Garima as I had many sessions with her previously, but I think she has changed her number. WhatsApp message not even getting delivered(only single TICK). Went through the list second option came up with Falguni. Messaged her & finalized for 10k for 1 shot. She doesn’t go down a penny.

I tried to bargain very hard. Told her 12k for 2, She stopped replying, Then told her 14k for 2 no reply Offered 16k for 2 she told me there is hardly any difference between 20k & 16k she said it’s simple 1 pop 10k 2 pop – 20k No bargains. Hotel also she’s a strict no GO for OYO or Lodge no chance at all only 5* hotels. She said but what you pay you will get more than that absolute satisfaction. So I agreed and told her, 1 pop 10k & if I like we will go with 2nd shot she agreed to that.

We decided to meet at Navi Mumbai 5* hotel. There she was like a nice tight body, perfect assest, as fair as milk, The pics in our group are old pics. Now she’s gone with some makeover, She’s way more fair in actual now with recent makeover.

She came in, started with normal chit chat, then we started with some cuddling each other with her sports bra & panties on. Started with DFK, I must say she’s an awesome kisser. Saans tak lene nahi Deti. She will grab your head with her hands grab hardly and push in real deep just like GFE. With her hands cuddling the head. About DFK shes is an absolute tongue twister. She twists her entire tongue in your mouth. while some bitting on lips. while her hands are already going down to Johnny with gentle strokes. She was not in mood to stop with DFK (like already 15 minutes plus it was I think ). I had to upfront tell her enough with DFK ane we both got naked. Nice firm C cup were front of me which no one could resist, firm, fair, pink nipples. Went with some suckin and pressing while she was moaning.

Then she went down & asked “YOU LIKE LICKING OR SUCKING”. I was like πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ just do whatever you like. Started with licking the shaft for some time. Then an awesome bbj. with her soft lips stroking johnny. As I said about her tongue twisting she’s same down with BBJ she keeps twisting her tongue on head of Johnny which arouses more while giving BBJ. Absolute HEAVEN with warmth of her mouth could be felt on the Johnny.

Then she put on the Condom that too in full porn movie style with condi in her mouth & then BBBJ again with some BBJ time with condi & mix of some hand job. She got WOT hold off Johnny with her hand & guided to her warm hole. Riding skills were awesome. Suddenly she held my hands and was saying I will rape you today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ while laughing out BDSM style.

She then pulled my shoulder and told me to sit. She was in my lap I was like WTF this is Kamasutra LOTUS POSE & she was thrusting towards me. Went this for a while. Then I went for classic missionary style. Whole room was filled up with moans. She said to go faster and faster. I was already on edge she said she’s climaxed (didn’t use that climaxed word she said she cummed, just as we sayπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…)

I said so did I 🀣🀣🀣 She said like CHARAM SUKH dono ko sath mein hua. She also asked did I feel the warmth for her cum. Which obviously Johnny could feel really warm inside there 😜. Laid on bed side by side. Exhausted started with some chit chat. Complimenting that I was good in bed and all that. Asli maza tab aata hai. When both partners are enjoying Charam Sukh and all that chit chat like a Kamasutra GURU πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

As I got a call from a friend and had to rush so skipped the 2nd round. Ordered some drinks got freshen up and chit chat again. She offered me if I have interest in 3some. She showed me pics of her friend. Which were as hot as her. Told her may be I will think about it next time.
Through entire session not a single word of hesitation or jaldi jana hai and all that no crap.

Name: Falguni
Age: 25+
City: Mumbai
Location: Vashi
Code: 1474

Charges: 10000 for 1 shot 5000 for hotel.
Face: 11/10
Body: 11/10
Pussy: 11/10
Boobs: 11/10
DFK: 11/10
BBBJ: 11/10
Service: 11/10

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