REVIEW on Call Girl Nisha From Thane

REVIEW on Call Girl Nisha From Thane

Happened this Sunday #LatePost. After Priya from Mira road cancelled on me at last minute, had to find someone at short notice. Checked the sheet, found Nisha to be near me and secondly her looks were fine, although not many review on her. Well, first thing I would say, she is not easy catch, even after giving reference of person mentioned in sheet, she told me to tell person to call her!! Fucked up. After hour of convening & convincing she agreed to meet, but that at place of her choice. Met her at a lodge near Thane. One thing I would say, Yeh Indies k lodges bahut shady hote hai.

First thing I would like to say is Nisha is very service oriented, believes in giving service that’s money’s worth. Con: not open for DFK , but gives BBJ provided you are clean below. Watched TV for sometime guess Chennai express movie, got bit cozy while watching, was pressing her boobs, meanwhile she was stroking my cock. Got turned on. Said let’s start. Removed her top, she was wearing black lingerie. She does have a hooker like face but her skin is soft and smooth . She told me to unhook her bra.. but me been a newbie had tough time. She unhooked it herself. She has medium sized boobs but handful, got on top of her, kissed her body raw. Took off her panties, was going for insertion, she said Ruko itni jaldi kya hai time hai abhi. She got on top of me, rubbed her body against mine, with occasional kiss to neck. Was trying to get DFK from her, but no use closed lips always. After kissing top to bottom, she eventually gave me BBJ, she put condom on cock, but using just her mouth. Watching That was a huge turn on… .Said let me fuck you.

Since I am a newbie, I am comfortable in missionary only. Banged her in missionary for good 5-7 mins with Chennai express movie still playing in background. Got tired, after ejaculation, rested together in blanket watching Chennai express. Next session start kare, was her question. I asked her to give BBJ, but sadly she insisted on giving it with Condom on. May be strawberry is her favorite flavor . But, sadly my cock had gone into Coma mode. No amount of sucking, biting tip was working. Asked her to try BBJ, even that didn’t work out. Told her let it be.. let’s leave.. Then came in my bargaining, dekho na 1 hi shot kiya, and only 1 ghanta hua hai, 4500 nahi ₹3000 lelo. Finally she agreed to ₹3500.

Pros: Totally service oriented, Young around 26, No rushing, soft and smooth skin, No rubbish talks, just intellectual talks

Cons: has typical Hooker face,
Not ok with DFK
BBJ only if you are clean down there

Name: Nisha
Age: 28+
City: Mumbai
Location: Thane
Code: 528

Charges: 3500 for 2 shots 800 for Lodge
Face: 6/10
Body: 8/10
Pussy: 6/10
Boobs: 8/10
DFK: 0/10
BBBJ: 2/10
Service: 7/10



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