Kandivali Railway Station Redlight Area Mumbai

Hi Fellas,

In this post I am gonna tell you guys all about these Escorts / Call Girls / Hookers / Prostitutes this time I explored a area called Kandivali which is a part of Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife.

Who are they?

I’ll be honest with you over here I haven’t tried any of them but to me most of them look like BAR GIRLS, if any one of you have visited a dance bar you would know how they apply makeup and dress seductively. With all those makeup, jewellery and low neck blouses and their milky body dancing on the floor this is the reason we men visit dance bars. Okay so lets come to the point The location I am talking about is Kandivali west just outside of the station. I think they are the bar girls who entered this profession after the Maharashtra government imposed a ban on dance bars. Maybe now they are finding this profession to be more profitable than just dancing in the bar. I am not sure where they live but it is sure nearby somewhere.

Where can you find them?

Well as I said above it’s Kandivali Station West but will need to walk a little bit out side near the market area these ladies roam here and there all around. These ladies used to stand near the station in the past however since the renovation work is going on that station since a long time they prefer to roam around the market and socialite their customers. Some of them are also available in the daytime but the most awesome stock is available in the evening starting 7 till 10. Well below is the spot where most of them stand.

How much do they charge?

Most of the places the prices are same or a 100 INR here and there. But this particular place had a huge gap within the price range for example the maharashtrian milf I spoke to said she would charge 1000 but she was not that energetic. Then I spoke to another milf type dusky Bengali(This kind of milfs are my favorite) she said she would charge 1200. then I spoke to another chick in her mid 20’s with a deep blouse neck she said she would charge 1500/- this chick was giving me boner with her sari. Then there was this goddess milf who was wearing a black sari and had a ass like a pornstar told me she would charge 2000/-. She said she would provide me a service that I would never forget and in between our conversation she got couple of calls asking for her to come near hotel she was really in demand. All these charges include hotel and an hour time. One of the group member also said he used to book them for full night for 4K.

How are they?

To be serious by look wise most of them are fucking hot I’ve never seen this kind of quality in street prostitution officially in India these are the no 1 hookers in my list until some one else takes their place. Service wise I would be honest with you I don’t pay for sex anymore so I didn’t avail their service but as per the feedback received in our Mongering Group their service is upto the mark. I asked for the usual services like BJ and DFK the 1st milf rejected straight away(She was kind of dull) 2nd milf said she would do as per my wish as I am handsome LOL. The 4th milf(Goddess) said she is famous for all this things. It was kind of awkward and embarrassing to talk to a hooker in the middle of the street filled with so much people. While I was talking to these hookers there were too many people staring at me like I did something forbidden.


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    1. Hi I have asked one off her she told me they will take to hotel I just wanted to know is this safe in terms of police and kind off

  1. I regularly watch all your videos and you are doing an excellent job here
    It’s a disappointment that your YouTube channel has been banned.
    It’s a shame really for the ones who reported for it. There are many other channels still live and not been bared yet.
    I know that there will be a space issue, on to your website server, but can you again put those HD quality videos again on to your website? With fewer ads? I would also suggest that you must use some plugin that will stream videos a little faster. Like Hotstar maybe? Currently, your website is everything for you. Social Media sites are not trustable for keeping this kind of content.


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    And please allow me to be with you for the experience.

  3. Hey
    Admin i had message you on Facebook kandivali me red light area hai it’s very new for me because i have never seen this. If any one has contact number then pls share to me

  4. Does anyone have numbers or Knows where to get Ebony/ African /Black girls.
    Kindly share details and Rate.

    Need Reliable source.

  5. Kindly provide details for Pune best place in budhwar peth and contact nos and other areas except bp

  6. hey @admin. i am unable too see any of the phone numbers or names on the phone numbers list here it shows completely blank. unable to see or get anyhing. the page loads but the numbers and names dont. it shows 10 of 19 numbers but is completely blank.

  7. Hey there RLT. Unfortunately I am not on Telegram. I know it’s for your own privacy too but can you contact me in any other way. I am not able to message you on Twitter. I was looking out for hookers in Kandivali and found this page. I hope you can help me contacts for cheap in Kandivali.

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