REVIEW on Call Girl Reshma From Kalyan

REVIEW on Call Girl Reshma From Kalyan

Despite repeated attempts at contacting Neha , her phone was switched off till 3.00 pm during which I contacted Reshma in the intervening period. By a stroke of goodluck she tells me she is onboard a local train bound for Kalyan.Turns out that it is her Birthday today and after promising to shell out an extra 100/-, she asked me to come to our adda(P.S.: I had drilled her once about 3 months ago) : Duniya lodge near to Kalyan railway station. Also told me to keep the door unlocked so that she can directly walk inside unhindered.

After exchanging warm greetings with Anna at the counter, I was escorted to another room on the 4’th floor of the building. Drank Bisleri water and took off my clothes and entered the shower to freshen up. Imagine my pleasant surprise when the sexy vixen throws open the bathroom door after 5 minutes and in she walks totally naked only to grab my ass after an initial cuddle. Explored each other thoroughly in the shower, soaped each other and she goes down on her knees to give me a much-needed BBJ and after a good 5 minutes face-fucking session, we rolled onto the bed without even bothering to dry up . (Essential to mention that she is very good at sucking and makes a chap-chap sound during BBJ.)

Pulled her roughly by her hair and hauled her on top. Again cupped her Peru-sized boobies together with both of my hands and sucked her both nipples together while she gave out deep guttural moans. Requested for a 69 and had the explicit pressure of DATY….after few minutes of Kala-khatta flavour…I made her turn around and bit on her Butt-cheeks. Then she winked at me and said chalo na babes let’s do it. Quickly put on the condom and started banging her in doggie, fingered her ass in between, then switched to prone afterwards and finally cummed in doggie after pinning her wildly against the wall. It was pure ecstasy listening to her continued shrieks of pain and really had the time of my life today. Found it weird that girls refuses DFK but agrees to BBJ. Seems our Tool is more clean than our mouth ….then again I went for a bath. She was like paise de do, birthday hai party kar ne ka hai …gave her 1000/- as agreed, 500/- for the room and 100/- extra as birthday gift.

Had a wild time today coupled with a naked skin show and full deep-throated fucks.

Name: Reshma
Age: 30+
City: Mumbai
Location: Kalyan
Code: 1091

Charges: 1100 for 1 and 500 for hotel.
Face: 6/10
Body: 7/10
Pussy: 9/10
Boobs: 7/10
DFK: 0/10
BBBJ: 9/10
Service: 7/10

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