REVIEW on Escort Nisha From Dombivli

REVIEW on Escort Nisha From Dombivli

Being apprehensive I had requested one of my friends to join me on this amorous adventure of meeting Nisha at her place. Reached location sent by her on Googlemap on my Activa with me riding pillion. Phoned her, she asked me to come in front of a college. Her Apartment is in front of this college. Went inside by stairs onto the 2’nd floor and heard a shoo shoo sound, turned to my right and saw someone beckoning me inside a dark room with no lights on. Went to the doorstep and peered inside only to feel a hand on my shoulder pulling me inside.

Went inside & she turned on the lights after fastening the door. Behold a dusky beauty with perfectly chiseled features in loose fitting shorts & Tshirt. Asked for a glass of water & sat down on the red chair to sooth my nerves. She was like Daro mat..first time aaya hai kya aisa ghar pe…I nodded as I gawked upon her breasts which were heaving back & fro as she spoke. Looked around to see a thick Mattress upon the floor presumably for the deed. Apart from a wall clock & a red chair there is no other furniture. Guess she uses this flat for ‘services’ only. Went to the Washbasin & freshened up myself with my own liquid soap and quietly slipped off my clothes, donned her towel applied Deo on myself. (Guys, always carry your own soap & deo. It helps!). Sent a text to my friend downstairs to affirm that all is well.

Returned to the main hall to see her messing with her mobile while standing up. She came forward and initiated a DFK with biting of lower lips while I pulled her forward and thrust my hands inside her shorts from behind to grab her soft fluffy Ass. Then she unhooked her bra and out came a pair of soft boobs. Man were they huge and bouncing. My hands were full and her boobies were overflowing from my finger gaps! It’s 36 size, she proudly declared and asked me to suck on her juicy nipples. I got all charged up and she tore off the towel and grabbed my dick. I quickly disrobed her and laid her on the mattress and was well over her in full frantic frenzy. Had quite a DATY in WOT with lots of fingering in 69 position while she ate my dick. She really gets horny and lets out deep moans. Everything is so soft everywhere.

Then I sat astride on her face, face-fucking her and letting her suck my nuts minimally. She smells nice even in the groin and armpits. Just loved the experience. Then on to the missionary position wherein she quickly put on the condom and pulled my head screaming fuck me fuck me fuck me. After a good 3 minutes of drilling and thumping her in doggie position, I finally came on her ass. Went for a bath together as I washed my cum off her ass and soapy-cuddled each other with 1 hand. Forgot to mention that payment of 3K was requested upfront and I complied.

Dried myself, dressed and left but not before again getting a 2’nd DFK & nipple-suck. Although exorbitant at 3K for 1 but got a real GF experience after so many years. Will definitely plan to meet next week. She’s very stingy on her rates and won’t reduce the price even by 100 rupees.

Sab kuch excellent except the price of 3K could be reduced to a more affordable 2K for 1.

Name: Nisha
Age: 21+
City: Mumbai
Location: Dombivali
Code: 1090

Charges: 3000 for 1 shot with place.
Face: 8/10
Body: 9/10
Pussy: 8/10
Boobs: 10/10
DFK: 9/10
BBBJ: 9/10
Service: 8/10

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