REVIEW on Escort Diksha From Ulhasnagar

REVIEW on Escort Diksha From Ulhasnagar

As Zarine cancelled our meeting, I was frustrated and decided to try Diksha as a backup option.
Phoned her up and gave reference as Sai when asked. I told her I wanted to meet her and she told that she operates from Ulhasnagar. She insisted on not meeting if I didn’t tell her the name of guy who gave her number to me. She is very arrogant over the phone and abruptly cuts the call.

I reached Ulhasnagar and phoned her & after multiple times of “no responses”, I tell her that I’ve booked room no.201 and waiting for her in the room. Anyway, she arrived after a good 45 minutes and asked me to join in the shower with her. Surprised that I was, quickly followed her naked into the blast of water. She refused for DFK but started kissing me here and there around my neck while playing with my butt cheeks. I grabbed her boobs and started sucking on her nipples. Then we soaped each other and had a good time washing each other in the shower. Then we climbed onto the bed, she puts on the condom and I quickly start pounding her in missionary. Then we switched to WOT for a good 10 minutes and I cummed.

Fairly exhausted I went into a slumber for the next 45 minutes only to be rudely awakened by her caressing my balls. She refused to even do a CBJ but instead pulled me up and told Doggie is her favorite position. Then we went for it and then switched to standing doggie and finally ended the 2’nd session. She has firm boobs with boobs completely filling my hands and it was a pleasure playing with those. Looks like a total Assamese and mauled me like a leopard in bed. All the pent up frustration and disappointment vanished and I came out of the room refreshed and almost reborn.

It was a great session. Meeting her again next week. Nowadays she sends good morning and love you messages. Also she has got highly friendly now.
Ass is not round but fleshy with a bulge. Tight choot tha isliye maza aaya.

Name: Diksha
Age: 32+
City: Mumbai
Location: Ulhasnagar
Code: 735

Charges: 1500 for 2 shots 700 for hotel.
Face: 7/10
Body: 8/10
Pussy: 8/10
Boobs: 9/10
DFK: 0/10
BBBJ: 0/10
Service: 8/10

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