REVIEW on Call Girl Anamika From Koperkhairne

REVIEW on Call Girl Anamika From Koperkhairne

Had tried contacting Anamika, in mid April but she said, sahab gaav aayi hu 15-20 din baad wapas aaungi, then after few days back she messaged me and told me Gav se aaj hi aai(14-15 May), I told her kal aata hu and next day I messaged her and she sent me 2 pics which I liked. Came to the hotel, Anamika hadn’t arrived yet, had to wait for some 15-20 mins. Then she arrived, by first look she is not fair, a bit different from pic that she sent, she is short in height, with big boobs. After locking the room she started her randi rona, thoda jaldi karte hai, jaldi jana hai function hai etc.

Then we started with the deed. So we started with kissing, waha pe bhi wohi randi rona, DFK nahi yeh nahi, she told me that pappi nahi deti, on a lighter note I told her pappi nahi kiss chahiye mujhe. Then just upar upar hi kiss kiya I got a bit angry and took my anger out on the boobs, removed her bra then saw that she has nice soft big boobs, sucked her big boobs for around 4-5 and bit her nipples purposely, she said tumne kata na boobs pe,to which I said kata nahi daat laga hoga chuste waqt and then she gave me a BBJ for around 5-10 mins, which made my dick ready for the action.

Thrusted her for like 6-8 mins in missionary position,in which she was telling zor zor se mat karo dukta hai, while fucking her in missionary I was pressing her soft boobs very hard to which she was making moaning noise, after some time I cummed and washed my self and rested for sometime.

After sometime, she again started jaldi karte hai jaldi jana hai, I said arre khada toh hone de bhai ko to which she replied me khada kar dungi, I said ok and started my second round with fingering her pussy, by the time I was fingering her, she got a bit active and started rubbing my Jonny with her hands very fastly, I sensed that I could cum, I told her to wait for a minute and start with BBJ, then while second time she gave me a good BBJ, took the whole dick in her mouth also in between she was playing with it.

Then I told her to come on top of me, to which she replied arre upar aane pe dukta hai and all, I told her ek baar toh try karte hai, to which she nodded her head and came on top of me, while she was riding it, but as she was not properly in so I was not getting any grip, asked her for doggy and did that for 5-6 mins and again changed the position to missionary and then I cummed. I rested for 5-10 mins by the time she washed herself and got ready, I told her phle wala bbj ok ok tha ,second wala mast tha aisa kyu toh she replied phle me mood nahi hua tha and then she left. After that I cleaned myself and left.

Name: Anamika
Age: 24+
City: Mumbai
Location: Koperkhairne
Code: 1553

Charges: 3500 for 2 shot with place.
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10
Pussy: 7/10
Boobs: 9/10
DFK: 5/10
BBBJ: 8/10
Service: 7/10

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