REVIEW on Call Girl Sonia From Andheri

REVIEW on Call Girl Sonia From Andheri

Called her today evening, asking if she’s available tomorrow, she said she’s free and quoted 5k for 1 hour, 10k for 2 and asked for my picture! After she sent her mine and I confirmed the picture, she asked me to come to Andheri west, near a shop.

Later today, I enquired if she’s available today, she said yes, so went today! I went at around 8 pm to the location, she guided to me a flat in a building (she uses this building on per hour basis from some people, a room with a big bed, smaller than king, with working AC)! She started by asking the time and payment, asked for 7k, she said no, 10k for 2! Finally settled for 5k for an hour! I paid her 6k saying, I’ll give you more but I want the best service!

We chatted for a while, she is very chatty, in appearance, a bit different than the photo, more weatish, a tinge of age, like touching 30! She’s had her child at 17 (she said, so you can understand) After a while, we started with kisses, she was doing it without passion (upar upar se), so I persuaded to enjoy and then we started with kissing a lot all over, she opened her top and we played around for 10 min, then she started with bbj! Amazing, she started slow and then she went fast and faster, combined with hand, ahh..loved it! After around 25 mins of bbj and occasional hand, I came but it wasn’t cim unluckily!

Then we washed a bit, she washed me with liquid soap and took a lite bath beside me.

After 15 mins of chit chat, we started again! She was touching my dick, but I asked for a proper foreplay, did that for 15 mins and then massaged her pussy for 10 mins, then we started to fuck, started with WOT, then moved on to missionary! She faked it a bit, kinda made it dramatic, but she acted good, if she had toned down a bit (of nakhra, like, ye kitna mota hai and all, shouting much) Then I came in a while, we washed and then she asked me that I stayed more than 1.5 hrs, and she gave me a good service, I should tip her, I asked her how much, she said 2k more as she’ll have to give some extra money to the room owner too)! I sent the 2k! Just because, I loved the service, she gave in her best and the bbj was 11/10!

Name: Sonia
Age: 30+
City: Mumbai
Location: Andheri
Code: 1081

Charges: 8000 for 2 shot with place.
Face: 8/10
Body: 8/10
Pussy: 8/10
Boobs: 10/10
DFK: 8/10
BBBJ: 11/10
Service: 8/10

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