REVIEW on Escort Niya From Andheri

REVIEW on Escort Niya From Andheri

Met her on this week. Reason behind choosing her is, I want to experience Anal sex for once. and for it she’s the good option I have in Andheri area. We meet in evening. She reached hotel right on time. She’s telling to go directly inside room I’ll come there, as many of my friends and relatives were staying in this area so someone may notice that I’m with someone. So when I saw her first time, the very first feeling was, what is this man…? Today you will be definitely in loss. She’s not even worth of half amount than which already decided. She’s definitely not a looker and moreover she’s looking more older than her age. So when we got inside room, first got freshen up ourselves, she removed her top and Jean’s and wore a black thong and asked me to remove my cloths as well.

Then she started with kissing and licking my neck ears and my nipples, and the moment my all doubts are gone and I started getting a feeling that this gonna be memorable experience. She was damn good in licking neck and sucking my nipples. Just by doing this she made me very excited. I was also doing same. I was kissing on her neck chicks and licking her ears. She’s also started moaning in sexy sounds. While doing so I removed her thong and unhooked her bra. Damn man…. What a marvelous boobs she’s having… Simply Amazing… Very much Tight, Feels like fully stress ball… And nipples… No word’s to explain.. each nipple is size of around 2cm amazing.

I am 100% sure she’s having cosmetic surgery to reshape her boobs as well as removed her excess fats from tummy also the very much soft n sensitive skin. Anyways this super Mellon’s just made me crazy I stated sucking her nipples, what a experience man. Imagine a very full size nipple in your mouth, it’s of a size that you can literally do anything you wanted with them and more to that pressing her boobs with hands was really stress relief experience amazing. Then she started going down and finally started sucking my cock she’s also damn good in blowjob woooow… First she was sucking and licking my dick and than she also started sucking my undies as well no word’s to express my feelings here just out of the world.

After around 10 – 15 mins of Amazing blowjob she asked me let’s do it now… I gave her condom, she took it out again while giving me blowjob she put the condom on my dick and then she came over me. We started with WOT position. Here even riding on my dick she was sucking my nipples. And I was playing her boobs all the time. Then after some time we changed the position to missionary and that to without removing my dick from her pussy… Like while she’s riding on me, we just roll over and I come over her. Beautiful… Then after stroking her some time I was about to cum so I asked her to change position and we started doing it with doggy style. While so I asked her to take my dick in her ass. She asked me whether I have any lotion or something…? I said no. Then after some moments she asked to put it in her ass.

I slowly started inserting my dick in her ass… Slowly slowly when it’s gone inside completely, I rest something and started feeling this moment this new experience first time in my life. Then first slowly started stroking her, with gradually increasing my speed so after 3-4 mins I was not able to control myself and started humping her in full speed. She was also Moaning very loudly, like harder harder… I want more… And then after 4-5 mins I cum inside her ass.. what a feeling man… I never cummed that much before ever amazing.

Then she removed condom from my dick and we cleaned ourselves.

Then we rested for around half hour meanwhile first she asked how was the experience…? Then she started chi chatting about her self her native place n all

After half an hour she asked me let’s start it and again she come over me. She started kissing and licking my nipples and Started slowly going down. And then she started giving me again very nice blowjob… WooooW… She’s sucking it like pro with licking my dick all over and also sucking my undies.. amazing. After amazing blowjob of around 15 mins she put the condom on my dick and again started our second session with WOT position. I was thinking what new we can try… And suddenly she started humping on dick in circular way… What a experience man…! It’s like my dick inside any yogurt maker…. After doing so she completely leaned over me and started rubbing her whole body on me… It was whole lot new experience for me… Again she gone up and again giving me hump in circular motion.. amazing… I’m sure she cummed twice doing this, as she’s doing it so hardly the whole bed was humping and was constantly hitting wall with heavy tik tik sounds.

Then after 15-20 min she changed position to missionary style. And again started stroking her. She’s mooning in sexy sounds very loudly… After 5 mins in missionary, I cummed inside her.. Then she removed my condom, we cleaned ourselves. She’s in no hurry.. after wearing our dresses and got groomed up, then I make her payment.

Amezing experience…
actually I choose her for experiencing Anal Sex
But one thing I will not forgotten is her marvelous boobs and mostly nipples….

Name: Niya
Age: 35+
City: Mumbai
Location: Andheri
Code: 1137

Charges: 4000 for 2 shot 600 for hotel.
Face: 4/10
Body: 8/10
Pussy: 7/10
Boobs: 10/10
DFK: 8/10
BBBJ: 10/10
Service: 8/10

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