REVIEW on Call Girl Nazrin From Andheri

REVIEW on Call Girl Nazrin From Andheri

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So first I spoke to Isha (Malad) from the sheet last week and her tone of speaking wasn’t good. I found her arrogant and impolite. Could be she was having a bad day. Never mind, on the same day, I contacted Nazrin. Quoted me 4k for two shots and room extra. I brought her down to 3.5k two shots and room ex. As I was Horny Af, I decided to meet her on short notice and she agreed to catch up in an hour. Some uncle provides her room for such services in Versova and charges approx. 700 per hour. Since I couldn’t think of any place, I went there.

When I saw Nisha, It was a turnoff. She said her age was 40, She absolutely lied. She is not a looker. We walked upto the room. The room size is very small, lights don’t work, washroom isn’t clean, you cannot wash your face either. So rather book a sasta lodge but avoid this.

So she started undressing herself and I took my clothes off too. She didn’t wear a panty. She came over me wearing just a bra, started DFK and I squeezed her melons (Handful and tight, not big but not small either) and took off her bra and sucked on her tits. She said “kaatna nahi haan”. She was licking my nipples, kissing my neck and then gave me a bare BJ (the only thing I loved about the session). She sucked me for like 10 mins and I was about to cum and was trying to stop her but she didn’t and I came. It was a disappointing first session.

But not wasting time as we only had 1 hour, I quickly cleaned my self and started again. She started caressing my soft dick and she put relentless efforts to raise my cock. She sucked me for long, but I was getting disinterested. However, I fucked her. She likes instructing on how she wants it inside. She likes to roll from WOT position to missionary, without letting the dick slip outside. So I banged her hard and spanked her ass and she was like “aur zor se”. She was rolling her eyes as I fucked her. Then we switched positions and she asked me to fuck her standing, she was on bed and I was standing, but the bed was so low, it was getting uncomfortable and I was further loosing interest, maybe because she didn’t appeared good. Turn off remained. I became soft again, and she started sucking me again, she does it so so good. She came on top of me, fucked her for sometime and came inside her. Chit chatted while getting dressed, told me wapas aaoge toh “kahi hotel main jaate hain, zyada time milega”. She was patient not in a hurry, I paid her. And as we left, she said, she’ll drop me, so Sat inside the auto with her and realized she likes chit chat, She is so kind, she asked me ” ice cream khaoge?” I said “Kha liya” And she was blushing. Extremely polite woman!

She is known for anal, but I did not consider getting inside her ass, Didn’t feel like as she didn’t even freshen up, she just took off her sweaty top and started. But the fact you have to appreciate about her is, she is passionate about her service, for once you will stop, but she won’t stop putting efforts to make you happy. Those who don’t care about looks, can definitely go for her. Good service.

Name: Nazrin
Age: 35+
City: Mumbai
Location: Andheri
Code: 1542

Charges: 3500 for 2 shot 700 for hotel.
Face: 4/10
Body: 7/10
Pussy: 7/10
Boobs: 7/10
DFK: 0/10
BBBJ: 8/10
Service: 6/10

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