REVIEW on Precious SPA From Seawoods

REVIEW on Precious SPA From Seawoods

Thanks to our bro, was in need of good massage and if lucky few extras. He recommended me Precious spa at seawoods. The location of spa on Google map is incorrect, this SPA is right outside Seawoods mall. So this Sunday, went to the spa, with the intention of massage, but hoping for few extras. Went inside spa owner Ramesh, explained me the types of massage and price range. Choose the ₹1500 plan. Asked her if I can choose the massage girl. He called out all his girls. He has some 5-6 girls, most of them were too young and delicate, doubted if they could massage me right. Hence choose a woman 32 yrs old, goes by name Nisha. She too was slim no tummy, heighted, but seemed quite experienced. Choose her, even Ramesh had recommended her.

Went inside, she gave me disposable inners. I had to ask her to leave, for me to change. Then she didn’t bother knocking & entered straight while I was changing. Understood extras were on table. Our bro had recommended Heena. Started asking Nisha, if Heena was available, she said no she has gone to village. Just, 15 min into massage she asked ” happy ending pahije??” Ah.. marathi chick, turned me on!!
“Kiti tya che??”
I asked her how much for happy time of 45 mins??
She said “₹2500/-“

I agreed, she immediately latched the door and took off my underwear and started sucking off my cock. And oh my her sucking skills are too good, BBBJ, Not without asking!! Sucked me good for some 5 mins, later asked her to come near my face. Unbuttoned her shirt, pulled out her boob from bra and sucked her raw. Her boobs were so soft and juicy, not big but definitely handful! She was stroking my cock all while and biting my ears meanwhile. Asked her for DFK and my God, this lady is Sex Goddess, good at everything. Told her to strip naked. One problem with SPA is there’s not much room to move around, hence can’t try many positions. Asked her to put one leg on bed and fucked her in standing position, all while squeezing her boobs and biting her ears. Covered her mouth, fearing her moans might be heard outside. Got tired, she said lie on bed and we started with WOT position. As I said earlier, this chick is good at everything!! What ridding skills man!! Held my hands and rode me like crazy. Watching her boobs bounce up and down , made me cum!! She lyed on me, and ended with a good DFK.

Wow!! Totally refreshed!! Gave her the money, she went in bathroom to freshen up, had filled me hot water for bath. Took bath and left.
Paid ₹1500 at counter.
Rajesh asked for feedback. Told him was awesome thanks. Asked if home service was available, he saw towards Nisha and said No…

Overall: The spa has good ambience, but small space, extras were good and affordable, money’s worth!! I am not sure if other girls also, give extras!! But other girls too were hot. Definitely will try my luck with some other girl next time!! But if, you plan to visit Nisha , is definitely worth a try.!!! Would love to have Nisha, alone in some lodge some day..!! Trying to get her number
Conclusion : People in search of quickie, definitely try this spa.

Name: Nisha From Precious SPA Seawoods
Age: 32+
City: Mumbai
Location: Seawoods
Code: 43534

Charges: 1500+2500
Face: 8/10
Body: 8/10
Pussy: 8/10
Boobs: 9/10
DFK: 9/10
BBBJ: 8/10
Service: 8/10

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