Hi Fellas,

In this post I am gonna tell you guys all about these Shemales at Cotton green, Redlight area in Mumbai, Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife.

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Who are they?

So these are the guys who have transformed themselves into women, okay not a whole women technically but they look like a women, sometimes hotter then a women. In India they are know as the people from both the worlds(Hijra, Kinner). Some worship them some hate them. Most of the time Transgenders do not get jobs as society does not accepts them, so they have to get down to prostitution to earn themselves some bread. (Even though the government has done a lot of stuff for them Transgender status is legal in India, but the people still look down on them.) As the society does not accepts them they have to get down to this business. Most of them have their dick with them but the one who really want to be a complete women get them removed. Well they do have boobs with the help of hormones injection but they are loose and not that big. Some of them do have enough cash to get a boob job done, however the operation is unhygienic and the success rate is 50-50 nad it is done at some shady places with an inexperienced doctor.

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Where can you find them?

You can find them outside cotton Green Station at the Truck Parking’s after 6 in the evening. Get down at Cotton Green Station, take the exit and turn left while facing CST. Keep walking for 2 mins and BAMN!! suddenly you see lot of shemales Just ahead of the fire station. This used to be the major hub for shemale but after implementing GST all of it was gone to drain keep reading to know how.



How Much do they charge?

Normal rate is 200/- for sex(Anal) and 100/- extra for a Blow Job. the hotter the shemale mind the increase in rates. There is no lodge or any thing like that you can take them to the bushes and do your deed. They do carry their own condoms but if you are like me who never compromises on safety I suggest you carry your own condoms. Yeah this is good for cheap short term fun. And if you are someone who is crazy for a shemale this is heaven for you. You can take some of them to lodges as well or book a whole night depending on your requirement. For a night they charge around 2000/- and lodge extra, they themselves will take you to a shemale friendly lodge.

How are they?

Well before that lets just talk about how GST spoiled the Fun near Cotton Green Station for Shemales in Mumbai. So as you guys can see in the map view above this is huge truck parking space with industries with Indian oil covering most of the space which moves lots of goods, and you need trucks to move it. And there are at least 3 persons assigned to a truck and truckers usually dont have place to sleep so they cook and sleep in their trucks. So to move goods from one place to another you needed a lot of paperwork in PRE-GST era and it used to consume lot of time for getting the paper work done. So most of the times there used to be a huge line of parked trucks over here with people having lot of time to kill. So this is where the shemale part comes in picture. there used to be a lineup of about 80-100 shemales. and a lot of hustling and bustling after 6 PM once the sun goes down there is pitch dark everywhere because there is no street lights. But now th count has dropped to 3-5 only. You have to roam all the area to find these shemales. Now coming to the main part how are they look wise they are hot as fuck showing all their cleavages and talking politely. They do their usual deed and let you go once you are done. I’ve never heard of anybody being looted and any kind of wrong doing over here.



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