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So this is an FR from December 2017 I didn’t had time to write so here it goes.

Poonam from malad 6922

So for a long time I didn’t had a proper GFE sex. And apart from that this chick was constantly messaging me to come and meet her(Normally this never happens). I didn’t know her name is poonam and she is banned in other forum because of some STD. I mistook her for Irene from malad

So I was going to visit Goregaon for some work and thought of having a good fuck after the work is done. Let me tell you her place is way inside malad it takes approx 45 mins to reach there by vehicle. So after getting the details on phone and after reaching her area she sent someone to pick me up. Then the guy took me to her apartment in some society. She was wearing a black nighty and was looking fabulous. Let me tell she looks pretty young in person. I confirm her age is 35. Once inside her apartment she offered me some water and the guy left. I went to the washroom and came back and sat on the bed. She then turned off the lights and increased the volume of TV. I asked from where she is and she told me from Kolkata. After a minute of chitchat I was staring at her boobs which was handful but still enjoyable. She grabbed me and started doing DFK. I also did the same in return. Now I am lying on bed then she is upon me doing dfk kissing everywhere on my face and me doing the same.After some 10 mins of kissing she asked me to stand up and removed my clothes herself. And now started kissing on my body. I also did the same with her after sometime. After kissing each other’s body for some 5 mins I removed her panty and did a DATY. She was moaning good. After doing a daty she gave me an awesome DFK and started giving me a BBJ. Sucking my dick and swallowing my balls same-time what an experience. After doing this for sometime she again came up and gave me a DFK just like pornstars. I was getting hornier. I took out my Durex extra thin wore it and started fucking her in doggy. After that we moved to WOT and then to missonary and then in standing and finally cummed in standing.

Overall a fucking great experience.

After the deed was done she started telling me how the business is down, how a person spread rumors that she is being infected. After hearing this I asked her name and the world dropped on me that she is the same poonam who has been banned on the other forum for being infected. Then she showed me her HIV test reports which was a week old and was negative then I relaxed. She told me that the person in question was asking for free sex and when she denied he spread the rumors about her.

Boobs:- 6
Service:-9(Just like Porn)
Place:-10 (SAFE)
Damages:-2000(She was asking 200 more to give to the guy but I denied and she said its ok)