This review was from last year when her number was not available outside.

Contacted G and asked him weather S is available, asked him specifically about S because last time he suggested me to go with her as a lot of people say her service is great. So she was available reached M in 15 minutes she was waiting in the room first look at her typical next door young Marathi chick. Paid G upfront and G left us 2 alone. We started chit chatting in Marathi and she asked me weather I should remove my lipstick I said yes, did not want any shades on me for the rest of the day. She got naked and started stripping me as well.

Numbers Available of Genuine Hookers/Escorts from DELHI NCR | MUMBAI | Pune

Then after that asked me to relax me on the bed and started doing DFK for some 10 mins then moved to my ears licked both of them after some time moved on to my body this bitch licked me all over legs, hands, chest, underarms which was very arousing. After some 5 mins of licking she started her focus on my dick took it all in without using her hands and started a great BBBJ just asked me to assure her in between that I won’t cum in her mouth I assured her that and she was very happy did a great BBBJ for some 20 mins while licking all over my groin area. I thought she will stop by her own but she continued her deepthroating at last I was about to cum and had to stop her. Asked her to wash her mouth she did so and then I again started doing DFK and sucking her tits she got hot and told me you are also romantic not like other customers. After some time asked her to put the rubber on and she climbed on me rode me for sometime while sucking my nipples. Asked her for doggy she denied saying it pains a lot. After some 10 mins I was not enjoying the position and we switched to missionary pumped her for 5 mins and cummed.

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Numbers Available of Genuine Hookers/Escorts from DELHI NCR | MUMBAI | Pune

Went to washroom rested and took her number meanwhile. Spoke about stuff while in 10 mins she was like dusra round karte hain. I was like itna jaldi thodi khada hoga and rested for some more time. At the 2nd round again she started with her licking and a very long BBBJ. I am not sure but the BBBJ must have been of 30 or so mins first girl I saw in my mongering life whom you need to stop from doing BBBJ. This time did only missionary but thrusted very hard she started crying saw tears drop from her eyes felt very bad. Removed washed myself and left.

Numbers Available of Genuine Hookers/Escorts from DELHI NCR | MUMBAI | Pune

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Charges: 3.5K/2 including place
BBJ: 7/10 Awesome Had better
Face: 76/10 Typical nextdoor girl
Body: 7/10 Young
Service: 7/10 She tried to please me
Pussy: 8/10 Tight

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