So after almost closing an year in this group I am writing my first FR since I took someone from the group contact list, and thank everyone for their activities here that gave me more confidence. So had been talking to her for almost a week and had planned initally for Friday when she said can’t come, periods so plan shifted to finally Sunday afternoon, I booked the hotel from 1pm she came to N at 2pm then went with her to hotel and checked in (hotel Breivstay and the owner said aap direct aao main discount dunga). So went into the room she said she will have a bath and come after that I went for a bath and then we laid down, she wanted to have lunch I asked her to order whatever she wants.

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Finally we started speaking and then did DFK, she was very involved I must say( but probally that is also because I was speaking to her for a week and got her a barfi ka packet etc) I thoroughly enjoyed this part, then she went down and started BBJ and it was awesome she even licked the balls it was very nice and then she came on top me and we did this position for 2 mins she was constantly kissing me and feeding me her boobs it was very hot. Then she said you come on top and I did the same and i started stroking she held ur legs up and then also ocassionaly was pulling me on herself so after I would say about 3 to 4 mins I cummed and she got up and said I will clean it come she went to the bathroom I followed her and then we washed up a little then rested, food came and we ate, I ate very little and I packed it back after she was also done and said she will carry it back.

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Numbers Available of Genuine Hookers/Escorts from DELHI NCR | MUMBAI | Pune

Then we lay down again, she was constantly on calls and messages but it was funny the way she spoke and I never stopped her to take calls or anything I was enjoying and made fun of it too!! Then she started stroking me down then we started kissing again and it was again quite awesome she rubbed herself on me and then again went down gave me a quick BBJ and asked if I wanted to put it on again and I was ready, then I again went on her missonary for some 3 mins or so and then I asked switch to doggy banged her that way for like hardly 1 min or so I think she became dry, so we changed condoms and went back to missonary and kissed and made out and I stared again, this time I was quick and she was also like go faster and don’t stop and we again kissed while i was moving to and fro and this session went a little longer and then I finally came again. She got up again went to the bathroom to take a bath and then we got ready and left she took and auto to N and I came home.

Numbers Available of Genuine Hookers/Escorts from DELHI NCR | MUMBAI | Pune

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Sweets and lunch(1k) this was option I just did it
Hotel (1400)
Auto( 250)
So I am thinking this will pay off in the long run I am planning to take her for my bachelors party and it will be like 1 entire day, hope she gives me discount.

She is 70% of what her pics are but I still loved her look and face and yes she is dusky fair

Face 7/10
Boobs 8.5/10 (Saggy but plump so still gives good experience)
Pussy 8/10( it was comparatively tight)
Ass 7/10 ( petite but cute)
Service 10/10 (This the only reason I liked this and did not mind the money too)