Hi Fellas, I am back with an another post on Indian Red Light District | Prostitution in India. This time I wandered off to Kalyan Station and got something exciting to see in Redlight area in Mumbai, Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife. So lets begin:-

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Before that if you know any kind of redlight area/district or road prostitution which I’ve not covered you can leave the location in the comments section.

Who are they?

So lets get started with the location. The location is Kalyan station. People who dont know about Kalyan let me tell you a bit more about it. It is a junction which means a lot of trains(Local,Express & Passenger) halt here. It is the one of the busiest stations in Maharashtra. At any given point of time you will see hundreds of people on the stations platform. So as for any activity goes the more people the more business. This is not a full fledged red light area its just a major commute point which has dozens of street walkers waiting to make some quick cash. Kalyan is not a part of Mumbai its a different city itself it is located at the outskirts of Mumbai . Everything is cheap her compared to Mumbai. As Mumbai is the financial capital of India many people work in Mumbai and live in the outskirts of Mumbai because everything like housing, food and other stuff is cheap here. People travel daily 2-3 hours one way in the legendary Mumbai locals to go to work and it take same time to get back from work. Believe me I was there till 12 midnight and the crowd was increasing and not getting less. Coming to the girls most of them were of the age of Bhabhis and couple of them were girls. They are not trafficked or anything like that. they come on their own to earn some quick cash. The live deep inside Kalyan where the housing is pretty cheap.

Where can you find them?

From wherever you are coming get down at Kalyan Junction and them keep heading to the skywalk on the west EXIT near Platform no 1. Once you start walking on the skywalk just take the first exit and get down of the skywalk. Some of the hookers stand on the skywalk exit stairs, some stand under the skywalk, some keep roaming here & there & some stand opposite to Santosh Bar. you will also find some of them near the Ticket wending machines on Kalyan Station.

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How much do they charge?

Well depends on the girls really. The one I spoke with quoted me 700/- that includes the lodge also. they take you to the lodge near Santosh bar. Some other bhabhi quoted me 600/- includes lodge I am not sure if that includes condoms or not to be on safer side always carry your own condom like me. Like always you can negotiate prices depending on their desperation to earn more they would give you a better offer.

How are they?

Well as always depends on your taste. Some of them were bhabhi types not the good looking one. Some of them were really hot, like the one I spoke with her voice was really soft and she had great assets. Some of them were girls not the greatest but they can make you cum without any issues. Some of them are not even worth looking. The one with whom I had a conversation quoted me 4000/- for a BJ, I was like I can get a better looking girl for 2500/- for gfe and I walked away. So yes if you are into GFE and other stuff you wont get it here they would just get naked and lie down on the bed and let you do your job in missionary position only. remember you get what you pay for.









NOTE:- If you know any kind of redlight area/district or road prostitution which I’ve not covered you can leave the location in the comments section.

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