Hi Fellas, In this post I am gonna tell you guys all about these hookers at Turbhe(Near Turbhe Station), Redlight area in Mumbai, Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife.

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Who are they?

These are the women and girls from the nearby area(Turbhe,Indra nagar) who are trying to make some quick cash. Although most of them you would see them everyday, some of them are just in need of short time cash and are not in this for long term. It happens you see lot of different ladies everyday depending on the time. TBH I see a lot of changes every other week.

Where can you find them?

Most of the time you can find them at the gate of SP lodge after 8 PM, however if you arrive a little early and you are not bale to find them just walk towards Turbhe station maybe they would be sitting there. Or you can also take a walk to wards your left while facing Turbhe station on the gate of SP lodge.

How much do they charge?

So the standard rate is 500/- INR per shot and 400/- INR for a Lodge short term say for 2 hours. If you have good negotiation skill you can negotiate for 2 shots. You know where the lodge is always prefer SP lodge I heard it is good in service. Condoms and refreshments are provided inside the lodge with extra cost.

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How are they?

Some of them look really good and some of them are just okeish, it really depends on your preference. Once I was about to take a hot looking girl(really hot) inside the lodge however she was smelling of alcohol while talking so I dropped the idea. I once also asked a milf(this one was also hot) how much she would charge she said 400/- INR for all your satisfaction(included BJ) I was tempted but didn’t took her. These type of women are known to show tantrums and ask extra money without giving any services(some of my friends told me). But if you are nice with them they would do anything for you. The Chick in the below video is amazing to talk to, I spoke to her for 2 mins, she has amazing assets and she was good I am damn sure she would give you all a good time if paid and treated well.








So that’s it about Turbhe hookers. let us know in the comments below if anyone had any kind of experience with these hookers. Stay Tuned more videos to be uploaded for site visitors.

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