Hi Fellas, I am back with another post on Indian Red Light District | Prostitution in India, as many of you requested me to explore Thane Station I did explore it and found something good about Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife.

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Before that if you know any kind of redlight area/district or road prostitution which I’ve not covered you can leave the location in the comments section.

Who are they?

So Lets get started with the location, The location is Thane Station. Those of who don’t know about Thane its a city in Maharashtra and many of the government offices are located here. The first train which ran in India in 1853 was ran between Mumbai and Thane. This is a major hub for changing trains and reaching different destinations like Kalyan(Please take a look at the Kalyan post if you didn’t). Well prostitution on major stations is not new in India but neither most of the stations are a full fledged redlight area. Just dozens of hookers waiting to take advantage of desperate travelers. Most of them live deep inside thane slums. Coming to the girls I saw some of them with excellent figure, and most of them were bhabhi type.

Where can you find them?

Most of them are standing on the NON-PASSENGER FOB on the west side and some of them stand on the skywalk opposite to the FOOD COURT on the east side. They are available there all day long from 12 PM in the noon till 11 PM in the night. Just enter the station FOB from the bus terminal and take a right to the FOB which is for NON-PASSENGER’s most of them stand here. Keep walking straight take a left before the exit of FOB and enter the skywalk opposite to food court some of them stand here also. Some of them even stand on the road’s. It totally depends on their mood where they will stand.
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How Much do they charge?

Well the one which I spoke with said 700/- for her and then 500 for lodge that is some 10 mins away, other girl said 1000/- including room which is near station(This room is used on sharing basis among the hookers). One other short chick told 800 for her and 500 for Lodge. So it totally depends from person to person what they will charge and how good are your negotiating skills.

How are they?

Well well well, this time the girls were different. The hot looking women(Dance bar type) whom I spoke with told me no BJ, Anal & Kiss(Well I was not gonna kiss her or ask her to go down on me because she was chewing tobacco, its a big turn off for me). The second girl I spoke with I can figure out she was from UP or Bihar the way she was talking she said she could do all the things but no kiss I am not sure if she Understood my requirements about BJ and Anal. The other short girl with long hair I spoke to said she would do everything expect kissing. To me the last girl seemed genuine because she was smiling a lot while talking to me, still I cant guarantee that. Always remember to negotiate before taking the girl and making a point in the negotiation that you would be paying after the deed is done.

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