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In this post I am gonna tell you guys all about these Hookers at Juhinagar Station, Redlight area in Mumbai, Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife.

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Who are they?

These are the women and girls from the nearby area(Nerul, Sanpada) who are trying to make some quick cash. Although most of them you would see them everyday, some of them are just in need of short time cash and are not in this for long term. It happens you see lot of different ladies everyday depending on the time. Well the business starts from 7 pm and goes till midnight. M<ost of them are in this business permanently.

Where can you find them?

Most of the time you can find them outside Juhinagar station complex, sometimes they roam inside the inner complex of the station to find customers and hide from the cops. So if you face yourself at Sanpada/Turbhe station take the first underground exit on the right hand side(the exit which leads to the highway) and keep walking take a right again on exit and you fill find them in the corner or they would be roaming the empty shop complex. Exact co-ordinates mentioned below. Its easy to spot them they would be sitting all alone or they would be just taking a stroll just make a eye contact and they would start staring at you and would call you near them.

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How much do they charge?

So the standard rate is 500/- INR per shot and 400/- INR for a Lodge short term say for 2 hours. If you have good negotiation skill you can negotiate for 2 shots. The lodge is located in Shirvane Gaon Nerul its 5 minutes rickshaw ride from the station. You need to pay for the rickshaw ride of both the sides around 70-80/- INR total. The lodge is pretty much safe. Mind you, you need to buy condoms from the lodge boy so 50/- INR for condoms. And if you girl is hunghry she will also ask you to buy her some food.

How are they?

Some of them look really good and some of them are just okeish, it really depends on your preference. Few years back I met an young looking chick with beautiful face and she said you can have me for 400/- INR+LODGE+RICKSHAW+CONDOM so the total was about 1000/- INR. However I was skeptical if she doesn’t provide good service and demands more money once inside the room. I got over my dick and went back home saving about 1000/- INR. The thing with Indian street hookers is that they start throwing their trantrums once inside the room and start rushing a lot. So the always remember one rule while negotiating tell them you would be paying after the deed is done.




So that’s it about Juhinagar hookers let us know in the comments below if any one had any kind of experience with these hookers.

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