Hi Fellas, I am back with another post on Indian Red Light District | Prostitution in India, I know this is too late but I am trying my best. This time I explored a area called Santacruz which is a part of Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife.

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Before that if you know any kind of redlight area/district or road prostitution which I’ve not covered you can leave the location in the comments section.

Who are they?

Well I didn’t took anyone of them to hotel, but the one whom you can see in the videos was really attractive. As most of the street walkers in Mumbai these girls also seem to be from Bengal as per my opinion. I guess they are in this profession from early on.

Where can you find them?

As always you can find them on the station Skywalk on the west side. You would be able to identify them easily from normal girls. Below is the map link for pinpoint location.

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How much do they charge?

As usual the prices are the same on most places but here it was more than average. The one whom I spoke to quoted me 1500/- including hotel. Another chick short in height quoted 1200/- for a shot including hotel. So yeah the rates are gonna fluctuate as per the demand.

How are they?

Well I did not go with any of them to the hotel. But look wise some of them were hot. The one I spoke to seemed eager to satisfy me to fullest and she was honest upfront stating that I wont allow BJ but you can do DFK. But I do not trust Street Walkers, Most of the time I had pretty bad experience with them. On road they say something else an once inside the room the start their NAKHARAS. Anyway I never go with street walkers if some newbie wants to get started they can try these SW.

Well you guys should really visit the market and check out the stock while it is there, and please do not mind the stares received for the people, fuck them Prostitution is legal in India.

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