Hi Fellas, I am back with another post on Indian Red Light District | Prostitution in India, I know this is too late but I am trying my best. This time I explored Panvel ST Stand which is a part of Prostitution in India & Mumbai Nightlife.

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Before that if you know any kind of redlight area/district or road prostitution which I’ve not covered you can leave the location in the comments section.

Who are they?

These are the women and some of the girls coming from Panvel and nearby areas, If you know Mumbai ends in Panvel if you go a bit further than that there is all the villages and farm lands. I guess most of these women com from this kind of areas.

Where can you find them?

You can find them at the entrance of the ST depot below the bridge you can differentiate them from the others easily . Below is the map link for pinpoint location.

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How much do they charge?

Well here the rate is kind of high considering these are street hookers, the one I spoke to said she charges 800 for a shot and for room its 600 for 1 hour. When I countered her for 2 shots she was ready for 1500 for 2 shots. Even after pressuring her for 500 rs for an hour she was not ready.

How are they?

Looking the way they were talking I am 100% sure these kind of experience wont be good. As you guys already saw one of the hooker was sipping a beer while I was talking to her. This is a red flag. The way she talked was nice but I doubt the service would be good. She was not ready for a BJ neither for DFK. These indications are enough for me to know these hookers wont be giving me a good time. Instead of  wasting 2K on these hookers I would suggest you guys to take some INDEPENDENT escort and enjoy.


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